Me Gustan Merkins

AO: The Norseman

When: 11/24/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Birdie, TMI, Ha-Ha, Dr. Rico, Callahan, Blistex, Wayward Sign, Crikey, Saint2O, White Claw, Honey Glazed [FNG], Zohan


I was planning to visit other than my usual AOs during the Thanksgiving break, so when Nachos posted the Norsemen were in need of a Q I went for it. I didn’t know at first Laces would be back at the Gladiator so later this evening, when Tebow shared the news with me, I admit of having mixed feelings. I’ve come to love so many of my brothers, who work out in different AOs, I often struggle choosing where to post. I am happy for taking the opportunity to Q as that is the greatest privilege, serving other men.


We moseyed around the parking lot, then moseyed backwards some. Did some SSH, Copper Head Squats, Weed Pickers and Hill Billies.

The Thang:

Me Gustan Merkins

We moseyed back to the flag and circled up, plank position. YHC had his phone and Bluetooth speaker ready. Simple format – played a song. Every time the song says “Me gusta” (or gustas) we do a merkin. The PAX were not familiar with “Me Gustas Tu” by Manu Chao and so did not expect the rapid sequence of Me Gustas that came their way. YHC was very very pleased with the mumble chatter and “no me gusta!” calls.

The merkins portion of the song is about 2.5 minutes out of the four, so we spent the last minute or so in a low plank.

Captain Thor SuicidesĀ 

We moseyed to the football field and lined up at one end. YHC tried to explain the format and kept saying Merkins instead of Big Boy Sit Ups, probably because me gustan muchos merkins.

Run to the 10 yard line for 1 BBSU and 4 single count american hammers. Run back to the starting line.

run to the 20 yard line for 2 BBSU and 8 hammers, run back. All the way to 10 and 40 on the other end and back.

Planks, Gas Pumpers, Jump Squats and SSH for the six.

Welsh Dragons

Always nice to find inspiration in the Exicon (pro tip – copy paste to excel. easier read than on he website).

PAX lined up. 4 bear crawl steps, 1 merkin, 1 plank jack and 1 alpha count shoulder tap (try to reach behind the shoulder, not on front). 4 more bear crawl steps, 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 alpha count shoulder taps. Continue till 10 of each (always 4 steps in between).

Not sure if the grunts YHC heard were dragon-like, but all grunts are welcomed.


YHC hands were freezing so called for Indian Run around the field. We did two laps and then Lunge Walk to the other end (short side) of the field. Then run back to the flag for Mary. I recall doing Twinkle Toes (squats ending with calf raises), for which White Claw had some different name (princess squats??), as well as Freddie Mercury, T-Bombs and The Dolly.


Stop and pay attention – there’s much to thank for in our lives!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Laces – good to have you back, brother! See you next time.

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