Don’t talk sheet at school

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 11/21/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (17): Hot Sauce, Ha-Ha, Cox, Pumba, Skippe, Script Kitty, Speedo, Stroller, Animal, Nacho Libre, Funion, Birdie, NRA, Catfish, Dosido, TMI, Zohan


I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited about going to school, and on a Saturday, no less.

YHC tried to practice Preparedness for this BD and had help from several PAX, who gathered material, added their own content, reviewed and edited. Thanks and kudos to Lumbergh, Devito, Ha-Ha, Dosido, and Speedo.

With 5 for a pre-ruck and one Stroller going back and forth on the Widowmaker, YHC was super excited to see a large number of PAX gathering next to the flag for today’s Q School BD.


Disclaimer and WOR was led by Ha-Ha, who talked about the importance of the disclaimer and also explained F3’s mission, core principles and credo.

He read the FULL F3’s disclaimer which is quite long and can easily take a few minutes from a workout if read in full. The abbreviated version is much appreciated. For WOR we did some SSH, Imperial Walkers, and Weed Pickers. We planked while Ha-Ha asked that PAX about the core principles and YHC thinks he was disappointed that PAX knew to name all five of them as it robbed him from calling for penalty merkins. He still called for 10 of them, just because.

The Thang:

Part 1 – Planning a Q, led by Zohan

We moseyed a short distance to the pavilion. There were too many PAX for the benches so we went down the stairs to the planters. Wanting all PAX to remain together and not focus on counting, YHC used a TABATA app to set up the thang – 3 rounds, each had 5 exercises done for almost a minute each. A short rest between rounds. The exercises were Step Ups, Dips, Derkins, Squats and Dirty Handshakes.

YHC had the privileges of covering the topic of Planning a Q, from inspiration to timing, equipment and review. Note: All the material covered in today’s Q School BD and more is covered in F3 Q School document that will be posted.

YHC was proud of himself for being able to talk during most of the exercises, though the Derkins got the best of me. Near the end YHC talked about brining the Weinke (page with planned workout) and suggested to use a Sheet Protector for rainy days. Well… I SAID ‘Sheet Protector’ but YHC’s accent doesn’t know the difference between Sheep and Ship and so begun a mumble chatter that continued all the way to the cafeteria and possibly to my end of days. If that would help make today a memorable Q then YHC is very happy indeed.

Part 2 – Executing and Modifying a Q, led by Nacho Libre

We moseyed to a nearby parking lot and to its coupon pile. The workout itself had the same format as before, with 5 new exercises – Curls, Wonder Bra, American Hammer (with coupons), Bench Presses and Flatter Kicks (while holding the coupon).

Nacho went over important details covering everything from showing up on time (which Nacho admitted he rarely does himself) to taking care of FNGs and modifying the workout as needed. The mumble chatter was awesome and the grunts of hands getting tired were sweet music to YHC’s ears.

Part 3 – Cadence and counting, led by Dosido

We stayed at the same place and even got to keep our coupons. Dosido covered the differences between OYO, alpha counts and calling in cadence and let two PAX, Cox and Skeepe, lead a cadence for their first time. We did a bunch of curls, skull crushers and some lunges.

True to the lessons taught a moment about modifying a Q, YHC noticed that we’re running out of time and alerted Speedo (who was next in the Q list) that his time will be cut short.

Part 4 – Mary, COT and Backblast, led by Speedo

We returned the the coupons and run back to the soccer field next to the flag and circled up for the last section. The 5 exercises were Burpees, Imperial Walkers, Big Boy Sit Ups, Lunges and Shoulder Taps. YHC reduced the work and rest times and we had only 2 rounds.

Speedo got to talk fast about doing a Mary and some aspects of the COT and Backblast. He couldn’t get into the level of details he wanted since we were running out of time. He tried to call time during the last set of Shoulder Taps but YHC overruled to continue a few more seconds. It was REALLY a long disclaimer at the beginning.



TMI shared about a healing relative and Dosido’s family is grieving for a loss.

Thursday there are some Thanks Giving activities and next Saturday Cherokee’s F324 challenge.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A lot of thanks to the today’s Co-Qs: Ha-Ha, Nacho Libre, Dosido and Speedo!

It’s always a privileges to lead a workout and also to teach others, so I feel blessed for being able to do both together. Thank you for the trust you put in me, that you followed me.

I hope this will encourage PAX to Q more, first time or not. Also – good luck to Script Kitty who’s looking for opening an AO closer to his home in Lumpkin County.

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