Running from the Police

AO: Windjammer

When: 11/20/2020

QIC: Walkie Talkie

PAX (5): False Start, Cookie, Hanson, Brutus


It was a clear dark night, a clear white moon. Warren G., oh wait. It was a clear dark morning when a Windjamming 5Pax led themselves out of bed and into the gloom. The stars where numerous, the air was crisp, and yes, we could see our breathe in the 39 degree temps. 

But nothing was going to stop @Brutus @Hanson @FalseStart @Cookie & @WalkieTalkie from an 11-20-2020 Beatdown. Windjammers, Mount Up! (for my VQ)


Mosey to the dam to circle up by the lake.

  • Side Straddle Hops 11
  • Weed Pickers 11
  • Good Mornings 11
  • COVIDs 11

Mosey back to starting point with some High Knees

The Thang:

4 Corners “11-20-2020 style” Let’s do this…

(1) 11 Burpees then run the big uphill

(2) 20 Lower Body (squats, bonnie blairs, etc) then run across street 

(3) 20 Upper Body (merkins, wide, diamond, & offset) then run down big hill

(4) 20 Core/Abs (we hit the Eastside with the LBC, Box Cutters, Flutters, etc.

The Q clearly laid back on the uphill run in case any FNGs showed up.


We had so much FUN we did it 4 TIMES…let me spell it, FOUR TIMES.

But we did not blow it in the 4th Quarter like the Falcons & Braves, we ended STRONG.


44 Burpees

80 Lower Body

80 Upper Body

80 Core/Abs

We weren’t done yet. Oh no. Windjamming brothers looked at Q & said, “Damn, what’s next?”

Mosey back to the Jeep where Q Blasted some Roxanne by The Police. We divided into 2 Teams facing each other. Every time Sting said “Roxanne” one side stopped side straddle hopping and did a Burpee. Every time Sting said “Red light” the other side stopped side straddle hopping and did a Burpee. We air-chaired in verse two but kept doing Burpees on queue.

@Brutus loved the song at the beginning but hated it at the end…the rest of us agreed. (the end is hard, ya’ll) 

25+ Burpees later we convinced Roxanne that she didn’t have to put on the red light. 

Had 2 more minutes to Mary with T-Bombs, Dying Cockaroaches, etc.


Huge Congrats to @Hanson for the new position…prayers that he will be an “Influencer” in the minds and hearts of those kids and that God will continue to use him in mighty ways.

Safe NJ travels to @FalseStart and family

@Cookie mentioned Rubicon Flag Football on Thanksgiving at 7am and upcoming charity ruck on 12/12

We will have normal workout Wed 11/25 with coffeeteria to follow

We will have a Black Friday Ruck with a possible later start on 11/27

Naked-Man Moleskin:

G Funk, where rhythm is life and life is rhythm.

We have SO MUCH to be thankful for. May we continue a spirit of Thanksgiving into December and 2021.

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