More Cherokee?

AO: The Shadow

When: 11/19/2020


PAX (13): Big Apple, Box Checker, CIA, Dubya, Horny, Meathead, Pickles, Radar, Rambo, Rum Runner, Stewey, Suds, Zoom


13 Pax showed up on a cold morning, some expecting Manhole, but they were stuck with YHC.


SSH x 15

Merkins x 15 (60 total merkins)

Imperial Walker x 15

Windmill x 15

Monkey Humper x 15, 10

Rinse and Repeat

The Thang:

Cherokee Run from the Womack driveway of DHS to the Vanderlyn Playground.  We kept running until all Pax arrived.  YHC heard some mumble chatter complaining about more Cherokee Running after Dubya’s Tuesday workout.

Partner off for combined 100 pullups and 100 merkins, each partner did 50 of each, 10 at a time.  The merkins served as the break from the more and more difficult pullups.

Mosey across the bridge at the end of Vanderlyn Drive.

30 Big Boi Situps at the bottom of the hill, Bear Crawl up the hill to the first intersection

30 Freddy Mercury at the top of the hill, then run back down and plank for the six.

30 Advance Boat Canoes at the bottom of the hill, Lunge Walk up the hill.

30 Dying Cockroach at the top of the hill, then run back down and plank for the six.

30 Heels to Heaven at the bottom of the hill, then Burpee Broad Jump up hill.

YHC called halt with seven minutes remaining to Cherokee Run back to the COT.

Dubya twisted his ankle on the depressed drop inlet at the bottom of the Vanderlyn Drive hill, so we paused for 10 Burpess.

We walked back to COT with Dubya, while doing continuous air presses.


YHC won’t be biking in the cold tomorrow, but there will be two running groups leaving at 6 am from Mellow Mushroom in Dunwoody Village.  Suds’ group will run about 4 miles, while Fireballs’ group will run more.

Rum Runner prayed for Dubya’s ankle and everyone else.

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