Wed Windjammer Johnny McEnroe

AO: Windjammer

When: 11/18/2020

QIC: Townie

PAX (5): Cookie, Mike C (Brutus), False Start, Walkie Talkie, Townie


34 degrees with no wind or help from any moon light to guide the way.


A quick mosey to the Windward Dam with some Imperial Walkers and Weed Pickers in cadence as well as some self guided Covids to warm up the ole arms & shoulders

The Thang:

5 PAX mosied back to the parking lot and ran some DB drills right & left side all the way up to the designated 4 tennis courts for a Johnny McEnroe special.  The Johnny McEnroe consists of suicides across 4 courts with each far-line requiring a burpee to count as your touch-down.

Doubles Lines: 10 x upper body (mercans, incline, decline, dips and wide mercans)

Singles Lines: 20 x core (flutters, American hammers, LBCs, BB sit-ups, box-cutters, etc..)

Middle Lines: 40 x lower body (squats, lunges, bonnie blairs, calf raises)

Once completed, 2 PAX (Cookie & False Start) bear-crawled the tennis courts while the rest of us wrapped up our JME beatdown.

Run back to bottom parking lot for Colt 45’s which turned into Colt 65’s quickly with a coupon of your choosing.

Indian run back to the dam for a photo opp with the sunrise, flags, & Christmas lights while getting some final core work in (American hammers, dying cockroaches, LBCs, etc.)


Cookie brought up the SantaRuck and all PAX seem interested in attending, and bringing the Ms and 2.0s with them.  A special prayer request was sent up for Cookie’s Aunt Andy who is battling Pancreatic Cancer and we’ll all be keeping her in our thoughts prayers as she fights through a final round of Chemo.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Walkie-Talkie up for his VQ on Friday!

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