31, Part 3

AO: The Gladiator

When: 11/17/2020

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (13): Shrinkage, Black Box, Shiner, Bunyan, Delicious, Animal, Tebow, Speedo, Raspberry Pi, Brownie, Spandex, Zohan, Stroller


Roughly 15 hours before the beatdown, YHC decided to scrap his well-planned BD and try something different. Headed out this morning with just the outlines of a plan featuring some Stroller favorites. The rest would come in time.

The call was issued yesterday for headlamps and reflectors, and at least the headlamp portion was heard by the PAX.

12 assembled in the parking lot and it was soon time to get going.


Mosey behind the rec center to the sprayground parking lot (watch the Q!). Black Box came in hot as we circle up for:

  • 31 SSH
  • 16 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Weedpickers

Enough of that. Mosey into the woods and start the fun

The Thang:

Continue through the woods and toward the pavilion. Quick stop for 31 dips, 31 derkins. Did I mention it was my birthday on Sunday?

Mosey behind the tennis courts to the crosswalk. 31 gas pumpers.

Bernie Sanders up the hill to park entrance. Did we do an exercise here? I do not recall. Mosey via the library path. Approximately at the corner of Eves and Holcomb, stop for 31 LBCs. Bear crawl until the Q says stop. 31…squats? Lunge walk for a little bit. Maybe we did another exercise. Jog to the library parking lot. Plank for the 6, then 31 Mountain Climbers in cadence. It was about this time that Bunyan hinted the BD was too easy, so…

YHC made a solemn vow to the PAX of F3 Pittsburgh a long time ago that he would Q the Motivator one day. Today was the day. The Motivator is equal number of calf raises, SSH (no arms), and SSH. Start at 1, go up to 10. Smoke show. We did not go back down the ladder today.

Jog to the stop sign on Fouts Rd. 31 leg raises. Crab walk until the Q says stop. I think we did 31 flutter kicks here. Mosey into the park and to the first speed bump. 31 merkins, just a warmup. Mosey to our favorite soccer field and circle up for Jack Webbs. Mmmmmmm

10 count, and back to the flag. 31 burpees- did you really think we wouldn’t? LBCs for the six, then a round of the box cutter to close things out.


  • Prayers for Speedo’s father-in-law
  • Medium Gladiator shirts available from Black Box
  • Q School at Widowmaker on Saturday! Webb Bridge Park, 0700

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thankful for another year on this Earth! Thanks as always for putting up with me. It’s an honor to lead

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