AO: The Galaxy

When: 11/13/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (15): shneakey, Hasslehoff, Steamer, Sparky, Tweaker, Fondue Guy, Aflac, Blue, Raider, Bear, Grease Monkey, Foley, Cha Ching and Jorts

The Thang:

disclaimer warm up mosey

10x IC – weed pickers, Hillbillies, abe vagodas, toy soldiers

Plank – shoulder taps 10x, mtn climbers 10x and peter parkers 10x


round 1 – plank for the longest = 1pt, STEAMER FOR THE WIN with Hasslehoff

round 2 -waiting exercises LBC’s, Squats, Freddies and merkins, 4 stations:
1-Tractor Tire Carry up and back
2-john cusaks up and back
3-Lunges with sandbags

4-Large Tire Flip
Congrats Galaxy!!!!

round 3 – step ups for rest of teams and 3x PAX per team selected for Balls to the Wall challenge

Galaxy- steamer, Hasselhoff and Sparky

Brimstone- Aflac, Grease Monkey and Bear

Congrats Galaxy – STEAMER and HASSLEHOFF, great effort sparky

Mosey to flag, 6x IC merkins for the 6


Papa Mike, Fondue Guy’s youth group this weekend, Shneaky’s family/friends/co workers + covid tests and mental health everywhere! Hasslehoff preparing for 50x mile race in December. great team competition this am and here’s to continuing the challenge 🙂

SYITG brothers

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