Pledge of Allegiance

AO: Windjammer

When: 11/11/2020

QIC: Whiz

PAX (7): Whiz, Cookie, False Start, Hansen, Townie, Brutus, Walkie Talkie


A few Windjammers have been regulars at YHC’s home AO (Grindstone) and I wanted to be sure to support the newest AO with the latest start time and best sunrise view over the lake.  What better day than Veteran’s Day, which also happens to be Walkie Talkie’s birthday.


Mosey through the avenue of flags by the lake and circle up for SSH, Weed Picker, Good Morning IC x 11

The Thang:

YHC was contemplating how to incorporate several different military themed BD’s and decided to honor our nations flag instead as it seems to have lost some respect and become a controversial icon in itself as of late.  Also, I believe our country’s veterans would agree that it’s a worthy symbol to celebrate on any day including Veteran’s Day.

Moseyed back to the long parking lot by the pool for a routine that was kind of like 11’s but not really.  I decided to name it after the BD and came up with the:

Pledge of Allegiance

Indian run to far end of the parking lot for 13 burpees (stripes), indian run back to the other end for 50 single count American hammer (stars).  Keep going back and forth in the same fashion only decrementing burpees by 1 each time and keeping the hammers at 50.  YHC shortened the run and dropped the hammers for time toward the end to ensure we could finish the burpees.

Final tally:

Burpees – 91

American Hammers – 450

Mosey back to the shovel flag for 50 flutter kicks IC and finish by reciting the pledge of allegiance to old glory


Prayers of thanksgiving for our countries veterans and that they would feel noticed, appreciated, and valued by their country on this day.  Also, happy 43rd birthday to Walkie Talkie!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Let us not only never forget our veterans but also the ideals our country was founded on and what our flag truly stands for:  freedom, justice, liberty, unity, equality, and love for ALL.  It’s deeply disappointing to see our flag twisted into something it absolutely doesn’t represent and never has.

This country may have a troubled past and we still get it wrong like all humans do, but I consider this the best country in the world and will always value and honor the stars and stripes no matter what.


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