Lonely Dora

AO: The Grindstone

When: 11/09/2020

QIC: Whiz

PAX (9): Whiz, Snowman, Thin Mint, Inseam, Deuce, Sculley, False Start, Snake, Benny


YHC had some seriously tired legs heading into this week and discovered Sunday night that I ambitiously signed-up for 3 Q’s this week, starting Monday at Grindstone.  Seems like a nice low mosey option would be in order to start the week.


Take a lap around the backwoods park loop to the big ass parking lot and circle up for SSH, IW, Weed Picker, and Bat Wings IC.

The Thang:

Head over to the coupon pile to select the choicest rock for the BD.  PAX were encouraged to consider a size slightly larger than they may typically choose.

Line up at the far end of the lot for a solo Dora.  Each PAX completes their own complete Dora with no partner:

  • 100 american hammer w/ coupon (single count)
  • 200 squats w/ coupon
  • 300 chest press

After each 25 (rd. 1) or 50 (rd 2/3) reps, run to the opposite far end of the lot and back.

Most PAX finished the complete Dora and we moseyed back to the flag with no time for Mary.



Prayers for Benny’s BIL’s family and the recent cancer diagnosis and sharp health decline of his mother.  Also prayers for the Windjammer men getting through quarantine and back into the gloom ASAP.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Watch logged 3.6 miles in the BD…so much for a low mosey option.  Guess I’m a glutton for punishment!

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