Battle for Roswell Road (Part 1)

AO: Brimstone

When: 11/06/2020

QIC: Blue

PAX (15): Representing Brimstone: Foley, Aflac, Raider, Norm, Bear, Greasemonkey, Blue Representing Galaxy: Sparky, Wide Right, Tweaker, FondueGuy, Steamer, Turbine, Shneaky, Jorts,


The sun crested early on Brimstone, as the Battle of Roswell Road commenced.  Two armies, evenly matched in desire if not actual number, assembled in the early morning gloom.  Lightning struck the church steeple.  A murder of crows took wing.  The sky tore open like a gaping wound.  A neighbor in beat up housecoat and fuzzy slippers awoke….

And the battle began….

(….after the preamble and disclaimer, of course)



GreaseMonkey moseyed both teams around the church parking lot.  Much merry mumble chatter was exchanged, not all of which was pleasant.

The Thang:

Challenge ONE: MountainUpValleyDown

The Battle for Roswell Road (part 1) kicked off leveraging the Brimstone home field advantage….the Horseshoe of Doom.  Both teams were stationed on the upward lip of the Horseshoe. 40 different cones, cups and frisbees were placed either upwards or downwards.  Galaxy was the “Mountain UP” team and Brimstone the “Valley Down”.  On “go”, each team attempts to flip all the cones one way according to their assignment.  Only

one flip is allowed, and then the PAX must return  to the lip of the horseshoe before flipping another cone.

At the end, all cones were counted according to “up” or “down” but since the rules were explained poorly by YHC, nobody really understood what was going on so we threw out the entire contest and moved on.

Challenge TWO: Call a Brother Out

Six different 1:1 contests were available.  Your goal was to grab an opposing team member, challenge them to a contest, and the winner got to put 1 point on the board.


  • T Sprint –best 2 out of 3
  • Long Sprint: ending over the lip
  • Icky-Shuffle on Agility Ladders
  • AbBlasters: touch the DSB to the ground, then the pole, as you do a situp.  First to 35 wins
  • Tug of war: could be 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, etc.
  • ReAction::  5 DSB’s in a straight line. Both Actor and Reactor starts facing each other at middle cone. Actor picks a direction —  reactor takes the opposite direction. Both must run outside (circle around) all cones, but return to the same exact place they started. First PAX to knock over the center cone with his hand wins.

RESULT: Brimstone: 18, Galaxy: 21

Challenge THREE: Five Minutes of Burpees

Each team did as many burpees as possible for 5 minutes, and compared aggregate scores.  PS–it only went four minutes, because YHC got really tired.

RESULT: Brimstone: 411, Galaxy: 392


Lifted up several family members who are battling serious illness, including Wide Right’s Father-in-Law, who is in very late stage of cancer.  YHC offered gratefulness for being around men who challenged him to be better.

One last thing—if the kind-but-sleepy lady who came over and complained that we were making too much noise and woke up her family in the nearby apartments is reading this, I am very sorry, and we will be sure to be much more quiet from now on.

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