Old School BD time

AO: The Galaxy

When: 11/05/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (6): Steamer, Sparky, Tweaker, Shneaky and Fondue Guy


disclaimer and warmup IC:

10 Abe vagodas

15 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 Weed pickers

15 hugs

13 Toy Soldiers

Mosey to upper parking lot

Circle up for 650x reps of fun!

The Thang:

100x Squats then 10x burpees, wait for 6

90x Big boys, 10 burpees (you get it…)

80x Alpha count mtn climbers

70x LBC’s

60x freddie Mercs

50x shoulder taps

40x jlos

30x leg raises

20x ranger merkins

10x no surrender 10 burpees….mosey to flag for mary and TIME!


papa mike dr visit today

peace for our nation and elections to be handled correctly and calmly

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