37 degrees – 5 PAX

AO: Halo

When: 11/02/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (5): Sparky, Fondue Guy, Jorts and Steamer


disclaimer, warm up IC:

19x SSH’s

17x Hillbillies

10x Abe Vagodas

15x weedpickers

17x Moroccan Night Clubs

10x Hugs

Warm up mosey to pavilion

The Thang:

Stations and running:

round 1: dips, decline merkins, step ups and Box Jumps (1 PAX running) rotate till all stations done

suicides – Lunge walks, toy soldier back, frog jumps, toy soldier back

round 2: incliner merkins, single leg squats, sumo squats and burpees (1 PAX running)

suicides – crawl bear down and bear crawl back, crab walk down and walk crab back

repeat round 1 and 2

mosey to flag for mary- 10x IC Alabama prom dates, flutter kicks and LBC’s – TIME!!!


papa mike happiness and time with him

Doug – Fondue Guy’s BIL, out of hospital (bacterial¬† pneumonia)

prayers for those suffering from sickness, sadness and addiction (Jesse is getting help!)

SYITG for a Jorts BD!!!!!!

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