Trick or Treat at the Widowmaker

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 10/31/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (13): Dosido, Flo, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Ha-ha, TMI, Funion, Cox, NRA, Birdie, Youtube, Hot Sauce, Zohan


I’ve been planning this workout for a few weeks now, and was disappointed to get the cold just a few days beforehand. I got tested negative for Covid at the last moment and decided to push myself, though I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to hold my own. I knew I’ll get support from the PAX anyway, so no good reason not to try.

3 PAX for the Ruck, which got me all warmed up and a nice size group was waiting for the BD.


Run a lap in the parking lot. 15 IC SSH, 15 IC Imperial Walkers and 10 IC Weed Pickers.

YHC handed out 10 cards made in advance. Each numbered from 1 to 10. I explained the plan – we’ll mosey to different locations at the widowmaker. At each location I’ll call for a card holder to choose Trick or Treat. Each card has 2 exercises to choose from.

The Thang:

#1 – Soccer field. Two bad options awaited Dosido who had the first card, one to Bear Crawl half the field and Broad Jump back, the other to Crab Walk half the field and Lt. Dan back. Dosido picked up Crab Walks and Lt. Dan. The PAX grumbled as the field was frozen. We picked up Nacho Libre who had to detour due to a road block. We finished with a lap around the field and continued on.

#2 – Pavilion. Ha-ha chose 30 Dips and 20 Dirty Handshakes over steps ups and derkins.

#3 – Restroom building, where Boomer chose 1 minute of Balls to the Wall over Donkey Kicks.

#4 – Playground. I think it was Funion who chose 80 Gas Pumpers over Peter Parkers, but we did some of them too for the 6.

#5 – We moseyed down toward the lower parking near some tennis fields. Cox had to choose between Jack Web and Captain Thor and Jack Web it was.

#6 – We moseyed toward the Widowmaker but stopped first at a nearby parking lot next to a coupon pile. TMI had the pleasure of choosing between 20 Burpees or 15 Men makers (Burpees with a coupon). He chose the latter.

#7 – toward the Widowmaker we went. Birdie selected 30 Hand Release Merkins over 25 Hand Release Release Merkins. Honestly not sure which would have been the worse. YHC shoulders were aching.

#8 – At the bottom of the Widowmaker NRA opted for 60 alpha count Flatter Kicks overs same number of Freddy Mercuries.

#9 – Off to King’s field. Some PAX mumbled against the choice of wet grass and YHC mentioned they can try the gravel trail but best hear what’s coming first. Youtube was offered 30 Makhtar N’yades but chose 30 No Surrenders instead. Now the wet grass did not sound so bad!

#10 – We run back up and stopped halfway on the Widow Maker, where Hot Sauce called for a blind vote for Treats vs. Tricks. This resulted in 45 American Hammers alpha count and the PAX were spared doing half of it but with a coupon.

YHC decided we’ll have enough time for some bonus cards that awaited in his pocket and handed two cards to Flo and Nacho who didn’t get any earlier.

Bonus #1 – We moseyed back to flag where Flo chose 1 minute of SSH over Imperial Walkers.

Bonus #2 – Nacho was offered to repeat the last card or to blindly double the next card. He chose to double the next card.

Bonus #3 – YHC handed another card to Birdie who could choose between 10 Burpees and a Burpee Circle. Neither one sounded any good and either one would be doubled! 20 Burpees it was and YHC called time.






DefCon2 joined us for the COT! Always good to see a brother!

Reminder about the Cherokees F324 challenge.

Prayers for the safety of people who were impacted by the storm.

Reminder that we come for a bit of pain and chaos to be ready when there’d be A LOT of pain and chaos.

Since we went trick or treating, a bag with candies awaited the PAX.

YHC forgot to remind about the Q School!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure and an honor to lead!

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