Not So Spooky

AO: The Shadow

When: 10/31/2020

QIC: Manhole

PAX (23): Billboard, Brass Monkey, Chain-Gang, CIA, Diablo, Dorian, Dubya, Fireballs, Gilligan, Gopher, GreenBean, Leon, Major, Manhole, Mossad, Novocaine, PitBoss, Radar, Salt Lick, Stripper, Suds, Sunshine, Team Mom


The air was crisp, but the wind was light, and 23 rallied to the call.

YHC had far more diabolical trevails and shenanigans planned for the PAX this Halloween AM, however, Zeta’s fury left too much debris and uncertainty on the poorly lit trails of the DNC forest of fear. With that in mind, an audible was called, the angry music was called forth, and a somewhat sinister plan was invoked, sort of.


0700 was upon us, speaker was fired up and the playlist bellowed forth through the dark. the disclaimer given and a circle was formed. We started off with a rousing round (or two ) of warm-o-rama. All IC and all X15 then X12.

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Frankensteins
  • Low Slow Squats
  • Windmills
  • Stone Mountains

The mosey ensued, to the top of the hill. A brief respite for the 6, followed by a set of curb dips (X10 and IC) and then curb derkins (Ten count and OYO). And the mosey continued across Roberts to the back entrance and down the hill to the back gates. Round number two of curb dips (X10 and IC) and then curb derkins (Ten count and OYO).

The Thang:

Mosey to the bottom of the hill where we partnered up and grabbed some cinder blocks to share. For those who posted last weekend, this must have sounded all too familiar or was it. Well yes it was. Partner A runs to the crest of the hill by the generator, while Partner B performs an exercise with the cinder block. We went through the rotation twice:

  • Chest Press
  • Squats
  • Windshield Washers

Once the 6 was in, we put the blocks away, free baseball was called, and we circled up for some Mary (mostly IC and all X15)

  • Dunwoody Debbie
  • Low-la-lita
  • Big Boy Sit-ups (OYO)
  • American Hammers
  • Obliques (L/R)
  • Big Block Alphabet

Plank for the 6

Mosey up the hill and around the back of the school and across the parking lot to the wall of dipping, where we dipped.  (3 sets, all IC, X15, then X10 and X10). In between each set, a quick jail break to the cross walk and back.

Finally we circled up, and brought Sally up, and we brought Sally down, for about 2 minutes, and time was called.


Congrats to Radar’s daughter was offered a job at Eggleston (thanks for the prayers).

Continued prayers for Ricochet and his wife as they attempt to grow their family.

Prayers for Gilligan’s sister, as she begins a new position as an insurance adjustor.

Leon took us out with some thoughtful words.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Happy Halloween all.

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