2 Parks 1 BD…. What cold ???

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/30/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (7): Sparky, Tweaker, Steamer, Fondue Guy, Shneaky and Jorts


Disclaimer – Warmup IC

Abe Vagoda – 15x

weedpickers -10x


hillbillies – 15x

toy soldiers – 10x

moroccan night clubs – 15x

STH’s – 15x

grab a lantern and mosey through woods to Fullers Park

The Thang:

teams, count off 1’s 2’s

Round 1: Team 1: Marta rails up and down then plank for the 6 while Team 2 exercises (10x IC Mary) then Swap

Round 2: Team 1: Crawl Bears up and down while Team 2 exercises (10x IC Mary) then Swap

Round 3: Bear Crawls

Round 4: Spider Rails

Mosey back to East Cobb Park lower pavilion, Dips for the six

mosey to flag


pap mike and family

Jesse – checking into rehab and all those suffering from substance abuse

healing from COVID, weather related problems and health

Reminder Meat Fest 2020 Tomorrow check SLACK for deets


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