Rain, Shine or Tropical Storm

AO: The Shadow

When: 10/29/2020


PAX (5): Chain Gang, CIA, Manhole, Switchboard, Zoom


5 pax navigated the wind, rain, and roads covered in branches and tree limbs to post at 5:30 am at Dunwoody High School. Manhole remarked that all of Dunwoody had ordered pine straw this morning. 5:30 definitely took the brunt of the storm.


We held strong through the stinging wind-blown rain and frequent white flashes of lightning and green flashes of transformers.

Side straddle hop 20x ic
Hand release Merkin 15x ic (front wet)
Windy windmills 15x ic
Dunwoody Debby 15x ic (back wet)
Mountain climbers 15x ic
Rinse and repeat

The Thang:

Staying close to the school building, we moseyed to the rock pit to retrieve a rock for
Rock jumps 3 sets of stairs
Shootout (arm/leg extensions) with rock 15x ic
American Hammer with rock 15x ic
Big Boi Situps with rock 15x ic
Rock to the sky 15x ic
Plank 30 sec
5 Merkin oyo
Plank 30 sec
5 werkins oyo
Plank 30 sec
5 diamonds oyo

We moseyed around the side of the school for partner work
1 partner bear crawled up the short parking lot hill and sprinted around the wall while the other partner did Balls to the Wall. Rinse and repeat 3x each.

After that, we mosied to the front of DHS for 15 Turkish get-ups oyo.

Then we mosied back to the southern wall of DHS
Mike Tysons (plank with feet on the wall, squat against the wall and do a Merkin 5x ic before our feet slid off the wall
Rocky Balboa 15x ic
Curb Alpers 15x ic
Curb Dips 15x ic
Curb Derkins 15x ic

Mosey to the edge of the parking lot for bear crawl across 1 section and crawl bear or backwards crab walk back
Then SSH 5x then repeat, then 4x then 3x

Circle up for high knees with intermittent Burpees
Run a lap around the parking lot
High knees with intermittent Burpees

Circle up at the light pole for a quick stretch
Child’s pose
Hip Flexor
Chest stretch
Quad stretch


Zoom took us out. Switchboard encouraged us to take it to the next level with the legally questionable Run Atlanta event in January.

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