We’re all “A” students today

AO: Caney Creek

When: 10/28/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (3): Pothole, Ha-Ha, Zohan


Even last night, and certainly this morning, I did not want to go to school.

I mean to work out.

I was tired and needed my beauty sleep, but I also signed up to Q and that is always a good protection from fartsacking (not 100% fool proof, but better than nothing).

So I got up and showed up.

Light rain and a dark AO. We were only 3 PAX in the parking lot (expecting Nacho to come at the very last moment as usual, but alas) and so I knew I’ll need to modify my plans for a Dora. We’ll get there later.


Mosey in the parking lot. We did some SSH, Windmills, Chain Breakers and Moroccan Night Clubs. We did the warm up (besides the run) under the pavilion but YHC did not expect to stay there for much longer. We’ll be out again to get wet.


The Thang:

Aiken Legs. OYO 20 squats, 20 Box Jumps on the benches, 20 Lunges single count and 20 Bonnie Blairs single count.

ATMs. IC – 15 Alternate Shoulder Taps, 10 Tempo Merkins and 10 Merkins.

Aiken Legs. 

Apple Turn Over. We moseyed from the Pavilion to the end of the parking lot next to roundabout. Bear Crawl 3 parking lines, Crab Walk 3 parking lines, Bear Crawl, Crab Walk… all the way to the restroom building. Then moseyed back to the pavilion.

Aiken Legs. Yes. Again.

Absolution. New exercise for YHC. Did not try it at home before, but reading it promised some fun. 5 IC and 15 more OYO.

Aiken Legs? it was planned to be the last one but honestly cannot recall if we did it or not.

Abyss Merkins. We brought two benches closer together. 1 PAX does AMRAP Abyss Merkins (hand and leg on each, deep merkins in between) while 2 PAX run around the roundabout and back. Switch. Each did 2 rounds of these wonderful merkins. If the abyss stared back, I did not noticed.

Claps to the other two PAX who did way more merkins than YHC. There’s still a lot for me to get better and tougher at.

Next part should have been a Dora, but I decided to keep the format of 1 PAX doing the work AMRAP while other two run. We moseyed to the restroom building for that. Running was done to the roundabout and back. The three exercises were:

Aussie Mountain Climbers (mountain climbers with feet on the wall), American Hammers and Alabama Ass Kickers.

We had a minute and a bit for a Mary so YHC called for ABCs for a strong finish.



Ha-Ha said NLB guys liked the suggested name of Chain Breakers. Now need to go through the paperwork of renaming an AO.

Shared info on the F324 Cherokee challenge.

YHC closed up reminding that it’s easy to show up when it’s nice and warm and sunny, but we show up when it’s raining, dark and cold to prepare for a REALLY bad day. Don’t know what will come and when, but there would be such a day. And we’ll be ready.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today’s workout was brought to you by the letter A.

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