SPOOKED by the Windjammer, Dam!

AO: Windjammer

When: 10/28/2020

QIC: False Start

PAX (6): Walkie Talkie, Townie, Hanson, Brutus, False Start & Cookie (for Mary)


Did you know that over $2.8 Billon is spent on Halloween candy in the US each year?  And that October 28th is the day with the largest spend on that candy?  Neither did I, but I found that out last night while researching this BD.  We’ll work that in somehow…


Mosey around the parking lot with some butt kicking, high knees, and carioca (both ways) before introducing the PAX to a Halloween themed BD.

  • Jumping Jack-o-lanterns (SSH) x 10
  • Bat Wings x 10
  • Pumpkin (weed) pickers x 10

Mosey to the start of the dam (or damn in this case…)

The Thang:

We Frankensteined across the dam from trashcan to yield sign.  Unfortunately nobody drove by to see the sight.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back!

Mosey to the sports park in the dark to make sure we didn’t get SPOOKED, nevermind, we did!

Because today is the 28th, and we need to work off the candy we’ll inevitably eat, each exercise x28 with a run to the parking section & back in between:

Squats (with the coupon)
Outlaws (14 each way)
Overhead Press
Kurls (yeah, stretched it with the spelling here)
Elf on the Shelf (14 each side) (what?!? elves are creepy)

Mosey back to the dam (definitely the DAMN this time!) for a Zombie walk from the sign to the trashcan.  Hanson was right to call for a high plank, air chair at the end would have been tough!

Back at the flag we ran a black snake, with the end doing 5 plank jacks, around the parking lot and found a trick-or-treater awaiting our return, Cookie!  He couldn’t stay away, so he joined us for Mary.

Zombie crunch x 28 on each side
Swimmer x 10 to end it (courtesy of Cookie)



Prayers for the sudden passing of Geoff, a neighbor of mine & Cookie’s.  May his family and young children find strength at this difficult time.

Excited for Pass Interference’s VQ on Friday, all come out!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The weather wasn’t the best, and I wish I could have brought some Halloween-inspired music along for the ride, but it’s great to see such a dedicated group of guys come out each week.  It’s a honor to lead these men and have them push the whole time.

Until next time, BOO!

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