AO: The Gladiator

When: 10/27/2020

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (14): Delicious, Spandex, Black Box, Scrum, WickaWicka, Tebow, Raspberry Pi, Brownie, Shiner, DC2, Bo Knows, Scratchoff, Tar Heel, Stroller


Great morning to get better. 14 PAX stood at the ready at 0530, and it was time to get after it. Offered the disclaimer, then introduced the Hand Release Prison Cell Mercan Burpee (HRPCMB for short).


Before leaving the parking lot, we started with 5 HRPCMBs to make sure everyone had the hang of it. Mosey to the sprayground parking lot for:

  • SSH x 20
  • Weedpicker x 10
  • Hillbilly x 12
  • Mountain Climber x 12
  • 10 mercans because we were down there already
  • 5 more HRPCMBs

The Thang:

Long-ish mosey to the baseball fields. Everyone find a planter of suitable height for step-ups. OYO, 20 step-ups, 20 dips, and 20 derkins. Wall sit for the 6, then 5 HRPCMBs. Repeat with 15, 10, and then 5 reps. We skipped the HRPCMBs the last time and took the field.

Get started on the 7 of Diamonds. Exercise at home plate, right field foul pole, center field, and left field foul pole. For the first round, we did 7 burpees at each station. Broad jump from home plate to first base then run to the foul pole, run the outfield, and then run from the foul pole to third and broad jump to home. While doing the burpees at home plate, YHC remembered why we don’t use this field. Audibled on the next few exercises to keep us from rolling around in the dirt. Repeat with 14 Jungle Bois, and Bernie Sanders in place of broad jump. Round 3, 21 Star Jumps and straight run between stations.

After 3 rounds it was time to head back to the flag. Brownie kicked off Mary with the Buzzsaw (sparking lots of discussion on proper form). YHC insisted on 5 more HRPCMBs. Scrum led Flutters and Black Box finished us off with some American Hammers.


  • Prayers for Manchester’s pinched nerve. Bo Knows is stepping up for the Thursday Q in his place
  • Prayer’s for WickaWicka’s blood levels
  • Halloween special 10.31 miler on Saturday, 0600 at Avalon. Check #hoppylike for route

Naked-Man Moleskin:

When I look back on the last 2 years as part of F3, I always think about the bonds formed through shared adversity. At each workout, there’s at least a small bit of adversity, like trying to get through one more set of HRPCMBs, even if it’s just a blip in the larger context of life. There’s always that point where you look up and catch someone’s eye in the dark just for a second before launching into the next rep, or it might be someone cheering you on as you’re bringing up the six. That contact lets you know that these guys have your back. It’s the start of a bond that goes well beyond the workout and makes these guys some of your closest friends. It’s what makes F3 great. Grateful to know these guys and get the chance to push through tough times with them every Tuesday (still working on showing up on Thursdays). Seek out those opportunities for shared adversity if you want to build strong bonds.

Honored as always to lead! Thanks for putting up with me


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