Field Trip

AO: The Norseman

When: 10/27/2020

QIC: White Claw

PAX (14): Ha-ha, Emu, TMI, Dr. Rico, Hot Sauce, Crikey, Jethro, Benny, Callahan, Shooter, Nacho Libre, Pumba, Legos


Nacho and White Claw out for a nice stroll around the park before the field trip.


Moseyed to the park entrance on Cogburn for some SSH, WeedPickers, Windmills, and Mountain Climbers.

The Thang:

YHC has only been coming to Norseman for the past month or so and though it was time to take a trip down Route 66 to see the sites.

10 Jump Squats at each lamp post – Air Chair for the six

10 Wolverines at every speed hump – Plank for the six

Once we got to the playground parking lot it was time for a pitstop.  Escalating Burpee Dans across the parking lot to the playground. 1 Burpee for every 4 count Lunge then 2:8 then 3:12 and so on.  Once we arrived by the playground it was time for a Morning Call.  Pax line up in Plank position and one by one run to the playground to do 5 Pullups.  Remaining Pax in Plank position do 5 Merkins in cadence with the 5 Pullups.  Once all Pax completed we moseyed back to Route 66 to finish the trip.

Switched up on the way back to the flag and did 10 Big Boys at every speed hump and continuing the 10 Jump Squats at each lamp post.

With a couple minutes left for some Mary there was some mumblechatter about not enough merkins so we did some Diamonds then finished with Crunchy Frogs.




Prayers for everyone affected by the virus

Prayers that we can come together as a country

Thundermeat Algamation rescheduled for the morning of 11/7

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