Return of Dice

AO: The Rubicon

When: 10/22/2020

QIC: Devito

PAX (17): Pass Interference, Catfish, Fanny Pack, Focker, Tech Support, Pinkey, Updyke, Lumberg, Pit Stop, Hasselhoff, Hanson, Special K, False Start, Cookie, Lefty, Woody, Devito


Hadn’t broken out the dice in awhile, so figured that would be a good way to end the BD today.


Kicked off with a mosey around to the lot behind the pool and warmed up with some karaokes, weed pickers, imperial walkers and arm circles.

The Thang:

All warmed up, we headed down to FOD home plate to start the fun. 4 corners around the field with an exercise, sprint to the next corner and plank for 6. First up, 10 burpees, sprint to the foul pole, plank for 6. Continue in same fashion around the field with 20 merkins, 30 flutterkicks and 40 squats. Reverse back around the field, this time with air chair for the 6. 40 squats, 30 crunchy frogs, 20 diamond merkins and 10 burpees.

No time to waste. Back up FOD Hill to the pool parking lot and line up at the near end. Shuttle run with the islands as the 6 stop and return points. 5 jump squats at first island, 10 at second and so on to finish with 30 jump squats at the far end of the lot. Each return to the start point incurred a 5 Burpee toll. Mary for the 6. Rinse and repeat. This time with mountain climbers at each island stop; 5, 10 … 30. Return toll was now 10 merkins. Mary for the 6. With a bit of time left, we returned to the field by the flag to roll dice. Homemade BD dice, one gives the exercise and the other gives the rep count. Time expired.


– Prayers for Pass Interference and his family.
– Prayers of healing for Heidi and his family

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honored to lead this crew every now and then. We’ve seen strong numbers lately. Hopefully we’ll stay strong going into colder weather.

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