Big Money, Big Money, Big Money

AO: The Bridge

When: 10/23/2020

QIC: Popper

PAX (14): Dinghy, Maguire, Feathers, Animal, BallBoy, Birdie, Weird Science, Saint2O, Zohan, Homer, Meatball, ReadyMix, Puff Daddy, Popper


Riddle YHC this: What do homemade jumbo dice and a ’60s / ’70s psychedelia music playlist have in common?


But they did both make appearances at The Bridge AO this morning.

Three for the pre-run, one Birdie for the pre-ruck. The PAX came packing with their coupons and gathered at 5:30 to hear the standard disclaimer. Then we were off.


Coupon carry to just outside the war memorial.

Start the music.

In Cadence:

  • 15 Side straddle hop
  • 10 Weed pickers
  • 10 Windmills
  • 8 arm circles forward
  • 8 arm circles backward

Mosey lap

The Thang:

YHC came prepared with two jumbo dice, made at the kitchen table out of cardboard, packing tape, paper and a marker. YHC prefers to look at this as pulling a MacGuyver, rather than a Martha Stewart.

The Dice

  • Die 1 has a different numbered coupon rep exercise on each face
  • Die 2 has a different AMRAP exercise on each face

Die side

Jumbo Dice 1 (# Reps)

Jumbo Dice 2 (AMRAP)


10 Blockpees

Mountain Climbers


10 Burpee Coupon Jumpovers

Coupon curls


10 Squat thrusters

Skull crushers


20 Dead lifts

American Hammer w/Coupon


20 Cross-over merkins

Flutter kicks w/Coupon


20 Bent-over rows

Jump over coupon

The Rules

  • One PAX rolls the two dice, and takes off for a mosey lap with a stop for 10 pull-ups.
  • Meanwhile, all other PAX do the two exercises that roll face-up.
    • Complete the number of reps of the exercise listed on Die 1 first
    • Then do AMRAP of the exercise on Die 2 until the roller PAX returns from his mosey.
  • Rotate roll-and-mosey responsibilities among the PAX, repeating the reps/AMRAP formula.

The Game

  • These mighty PAX made it thru ~16 rounds
  • Every PAX rolled at least once. Some mumble chatter after the first ~8 rounds about the dice seemingly being weighted to favor Rows and Flutters.
  • More than once we kicked the dice after the roll to get some non-random variety. Don’t try this in Vegas.


  • Dying cockroach
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Box cutter
  • Superman
  • LBC
  • Big boy situp
  • Possibly some other Mary exercises YHC forgot


Prayers to increase our dependence upon our Heavenly Father as we lean on Him for strength more every day. Praises for encouraging medical test results, prayers for those entrusted to us who are facing medical struggles or grieving the loss of loved ones.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC had taken a September break from The Bridge to do a little extra running. My, how good it is to be back. This AO is incredibly fun to Q and post at, since it is like the boot camp version of a playground. The PAX that frequent The Bridge are a strong and tight-knit group, and are ever-hopeful that our AO’s namesake bridge will finally open. Thank you all for the honor to serve as Q.

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