Good-bye 40

AO: The Shadow

When: 10/22/2020

QIC: Chaingang

PAX (13): Curveball Potter Manhole Meathead Pickles CIA Suds Switchboard Scout Zoom Dubya Yorkie


Twelve confident souls joined YHC to properly usher out the year of being 40 on the eve of his 41st Birthday in great fashion. How excited we all were to do numerous activities with 40 reps, to include the murderous murder bunnies (thank you F3 Greenwood – that there is the gift that keeps on giving) and two rounds of the despised Bonnie Blairs , oh how I still hate her and her wee-beady eye (another F3 Greenwood treat). Everyone was excited to find out the answer to something many of us have wondered, “Really, what does it feel like to do more than 10x IC Monkey Humpers?” Today was the day we found out, and, yes, it really is as terrible as you would imagine….in fact, dare I say it, worse.


– 20x IC Side Straddle hop
– 20x IC Windmill
– 20x IC Malenke’s Gardeners
– 40x OYO Squats
– 40x OYO Merkins

The Thang:

Thang 1
– Mosey toTrack Flagpole
– 40x OYO Bonnie Blairs
– Secure Coupon, Run to Flag Pole
– 10x OYO Blockees
– 10x OYO Kettle Bell Swings
– 10x OYO Squat Thrusts
– 10x OYO Big Boy Situps with Coupon
– Mosey to Goal Line
– 40x OYO Murder Bunnies
– Mosey back up to school down
Vanderlyn to back of track, replace Coupons
– 40x OYO Bonnie Blairs at Flagpole

Thang 2
– Mosey to front benches
– 20x IC Dips
– 20x IC Step Ups
– 20x IC Crab Taps
– 40x OYO Merkins
– 40x OYO Box Jumps on rock garden steps

Thang 3
– Mosey to Start Point
– 20x IC Monkey Humpers
– 20x OYO Burpees


Manhole gave a good rundown of the goings-on, to include a good reminder about Thundermeat (I just like saying/writing that word).

Curveball took us out with a solid prayer, thankful for our health and ability to get out and enjoy beatdowns and for those less fortunate.

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