Country (half) Mile

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/21/2020


PAX (15): Windex, Switch, Moonshine, Swamp Donkey, Bear, Mad Dog, Squeak, Grease Monkey, Norm, Raider, Squeegee, Bronco, Miller Time, Foley, AFLAC


So, as much as YHC has a love/hate relationship with Thundermeat’s CSAUP events lately, the fact that “running only” challenges inherently exclude some of the Clydesdales amongst us who aren’t interested in ultra marathons wasn’t lost on him.  With that in mind, Q wanted to formulate a challenge that involved some degree of running, leveled the playing field for our non-runner brothers, and produced an outcome that would be totally stupid and unpredictable at the same time.  After running a concept past Grease Monkey, who affirmed that said idea was entirely stupid (full-throated approval), it was time to give it a maiden voyage with the Wreck PAX.


Slow mosey along the trail toward that back half of the park where Q directed PAX to circle-up for the following exercises:

  • Weed Pickers
  • Sprinklers
  • Toy Soldiers

The Thang:

Some of the more observant PAX noted a couple of vehicles loaded with coupons waiting in the parking lot upon arrival for warm-ups, eliciting some Obi-Wan impressions (“that’s no moon”) amongst the PAX.  Following warm-ups, Q directed everyone to fetch 2 coupons from said vehicles and use some chalk to write the first letter of their F3 name on one block for theft-prevention (little did YHC know that his should have had a GPS).  The instructions for the day would be simple and stupid:

  • Farmer-carry the coupons back toward the flag (1/2 mile away) – cinders must be toted in traditional underhand fashion.  No Rusty-style carries.
  • If/when you drop the coupons, you must leave them there and run to the flag and back to resume the carry.
  • Rinse/repeat the above until coupons are carried properly back to the flag.

If Q’s being honest, he really had no idea how this would work out.  Bear and Swamp clearly led the pack (favorite quote:  “that was like really hard yard work”), while Squeegee and YHC weren’t far behind.  All  finishers would perform some coupon-based Mary until the six was in.  Q noticed that his coupons had a habit of moving backwards while he wasn’t attending them, so some usual mischief was afoot.  No matter – this glitch in the process will be remedied on the next version.

Once Raider was in (who broke a coupon with his bare hands), Q led some PAX on a short loop around the playground back to the flag for some final Mary before time was called.


  • Thundermeat event this Saturday (10/24) at Oak St Bottle Shop in Roswell (1630 start).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always appreciate a group of guys who indulge in stupid ideas.

AFLAC out.

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