Woody’s House of Pain – MMA Style – 3 Rounds

AO: Atlas

When: 10/20/2020

QIC: Woody

PAX (6): Bear, Rusty, Goat, Pass Interference, Aflac


First BD of the newly relocated Atlas AO, so a requisite painful and demanding challenge needed to be planned and executed.  YHC began to read over the workout from the whiteboard and it was soon realized we were burning darkness…so let’s get started.


Arm Circles

Side Straddle Hop x 11

Mountain Climbers x 11

The Thang:


100 1 arm Merkins on block/50 Big Boys

100 Deadlifts (Coupon)/50 Big Boys

100 Overhead Press (coupon)/50 Big Boys

100 Squats (with ball or block)/50 Big Boys

100 Curls (Coupon)/50 Big Boys

Run…40 yard suicide


100 Derkins (block)/50 Flutter Kicks

100 Good Mornings (Coupon)/50 Flutter Kicks

100 Upright Row (Coupon)/50 Flutter Kicks

100 Side Lunges (Coupon)/50 Flutter Kicks

100 Skull Crushers (Coupon)/50 Flutter Kicks

Halfway through Round 2, an audible was called and the reps were reduced to 50/25.

Final minute…Run…40 yard suicide

Unfortunately, we were unable to get to the Knockout Round…


100 Burpees…TKO


Thundermeat announced for 10/24.  NYC Virtual Marathon benefitting the Kyle Pease Foundation with Rusty and Woody announced on 11/1.  Prayers for Heidi and his family as they have COVID concerns, and for Woody’s friend who lost her mother recently.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good first start to a new location and YHC enjoyed the planning, preparation and execution.  It’s a privilege to lead these men making us all stronger physically, spiritually, and mentally.


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