All about the Benjamins

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/20/2020

QIC: Sparky

PAX (7): Wideroght, Tweaker, Blue, Cha Ching, Fondue Guy and Shneaky


Disclaimer and warmup mosey – arm cirlces, abe vagodas, weed pickers and hillbillies

grab a coupon and head to back of pavilion


The Thang:

Round 1 25 curls. 25 walking lunges. 25 squats. Lunges back.

Round 2 Overhead press. Bear crawl. Merkins. Crawl bear

Round 3 Skull crushers. Cousack. Sumo

Round 4 Bench press. Side lunge. Leg lifts

Round 5 Eyeballs. Toy soldier walk. Jump squat

Round 6 Ground ball. Bear crawl. Smurf jacks

Round 7 Curls. Backward lunge walk. STH

Round 8 Overhead press. Side lunge. Flutter kicks

Round 9 Shrugs. Skips. Big boys

Round 10 Skull crushers. Backward run. Kong flu

morning call 5x pullups and pax does plank/5 merkins

mosey to flag for mary (hammers, rosalitas and LBC’s) TIME!


Papa Mike


Momma Blue settling into new house

Fondue Guy’s M, taking care of parents and family

SYITG for a Shneaky BD

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