A Birthday Recess Party at the #Hooch

AO: The Hooch

When: 10/19/2020

QIC: Flo

PAX (14): Dinghy, McGuire, Birdie, Saint20, Sunshine, Ballboy, Meatball, Boomer, Popper, Splinter, Speedo, Zohan, Feathers


14 total (including YHC) met up for some Birfday fun in the gloom this AM.  After watching my teams lose in sports I never played I thought it would be fun to get back to basics for me.  At 41 do I play soccer the same as as I did as a 17 year old?  Nope.  Did I have a smile on my face the entire morning?  Yep.



Time to get those old bones moving with some SSHs, Weedpickers, and Imperial Walkers.  All IC and 10 counts.  Mosey towards the field at Perimeter, but with a short pit stop for 10 merkins OYO.

The Thang:

Very simple: split in to two teams and set up two small side goals approx 50 yards from one another

First 10 minutes:  we played a mix between handball, ultimate frisbee, and rugby.  I spare you the details and rules, b/c I made them up.  I’m also not sure I remember all of them.

Next 25 minutes: Audible over to regular old soccer.  You know…for a bunch of old guys on a wet field in the dark we played some decent soccer.  Watch out over 40 league we are just hitting our prime.

Moseyed back to the flag for 3 MOM.


We lifted up prayers for Marsha and Mr. Richard, both with unknown cancer plans.  May God fill those voids and bring them peace with the days they have left.  However, when you think about it, that applies to both you and me too.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

OK…wrap it up Flo.  Thanks for allowing me to lead.  This group means so much to many, but I feel blessed to have you guys.




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