The Macarena was not part of the plan

AO: The Hooch

When: 10/12/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (11): Lotus, Ball Boy, Homer, Splinter, Popper, Dinghy, Birdie, Boomer, Scar, Sugar, Zohan


A brief disclaimer and we headed off to a field on church grounds. It was a longer run than usual for a warmup so we did some squats for the 6 and then some IC – 10 Weed Pickers, 10 Peter Parkers, 10 Hill Billy. No SSH. They will come soon.

The Thang:

Suicides EMOM (ish)

Staying at the same place, YHC explained the format. Using a TABATA app YHC timed multiple rounds at increasing length. Each round the PAX will do Merkins, BBSU, Squats, Bonnie Blairs (alpha count) and Burpees. First round 1 of each, second round 2 of each, third round 3 of each and so forth. If a PAX did not finish the burpees and the new round started – stop with the burpees and start over the merkins. If a PAX finished the burpees and the round is not over – no rest, do SSH.

Some PAX moved to the curb while YHC and a few others enjoyed the very wet grass (might have been a marshland in some spots). YHC started the music and TABATA app and we begun. I did not disclose the number of round we’ll have – 12 in total – and some mumble chatter issued when PAX were sure the next one must be the last but no…

YHC chose a Rock music stream but at some point it turned to a rock ballad or something, so I switched over to another channel only to get a remix or renewal of The Macarena. That was not planned. One comes to F3 expecting some pain, maybe even relishing the pain, but The Macarena is just cruel. Be that as it may, YHC wanted to get some Burpees in that round, so I apologized and kept the music going. The PAX gritted their teeth and continued as well.


Part 2

After 20 min (the total of the twelve rounds) of standing in place listening to music, YHC wanted to add some runs. We moseyed over to the parking lot for some OYO – 40 Hand Release Merkins, run a loop, 40 American Hammers alpha count, run a loop, 40 Plank Jacks, run a loop and 40 T-Bombs and run a loop. We didn’t really have time for the T-Bombs and so YHC called recover earlier. Some PAX were able to do some T-Bombs for the six before we mosyed back to the flag.

After the short lunge walk at the traditional place YHC called for “everything you got” sprint to the flag.




Convergence next Saturday – please donate via Homer to have coffee and donuts

Thundermeat the following weekend

Give2Give campaign

Sugar’s dad and his wife, Animal’s family and others who are sick

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