AO: Bad Apple

When: 10/09/2020

QIC: Ollie

PAX (11): El Matador, Snax, Chalupa, Rusty, Sprocket, Cornhole, Woody, Goat, Swamp Donkey, Pass Interference


“If I can understand the instructions, you should be able to too” – Woody


Quick round of pull ups and merkins for our morning buy-in.

The Thang:

Another simple but not easy beatdown.  Start at the bottom of the hill and do 5 reps of exercise 1, then go to the top of the hill for 5 reps of exercise 2.  Go back down the hill for exercise 1, and then back up for exercise 2, adding 5 reps each time for exercise 2.  After hitting 40 reps of exercise 2, complete a short run and start the next round.

Round 1 – Exercise 1: Merkins Exercise 2: Jump Squats with a Twist

Round 2 – Exercise 1: Burpees Exercise 2: LBC

Round 3 – Exercise 1: Pike Pushups Exercise 2: Lounges, Double Count

Some confusion on the right flank of the group on the fact that exercise 1 didn’t increase in reps each time, only exercise 2.  Will try to be more careful next time.

Ran out of time during round 3 – returned to the flag and finished up.


Reminder about the upcoming convergence.  Prayers for the country.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to all for helping me get after it first thing on my birthday.  Appreciate it fellas.  Definitely felt the weight of another year.

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