Get Uncomfortable

AO: Big Creek

When: 10/07/2020

QIC: Whiz

PAX (11): Mr. Hand, Sphinx, Snake, Sculley, Spit Valve, Swiper, Dumpster, McDuff, Benny, Snowman, Whiz


YHC has been out of the Q rotation since BRR and looking to jump back in on the action.  No better place than the AO I posted at as an FNG almost 3 years ago.


Quick capri lap to pickup Sculley (welcome back!) and then mosey down to the bottom of the hill for the usual assortment of SSH, Windmill, Hillbilly, and Sprinklers IC.

The Thang:

Theme of the day was GET UNCOMFORTABLE with a routine designed to be as much of a mental grind as it was physical and with little chance of any PAX finishing.

Grab a coupon for a solo Dora (Murph style):

Bottom of the hill:

  • 10 V-ups w/ coupon
  • 20 curls
  • 30 squats w/ coupon

Run halfway up the hill for 5 burpees, then up to the top and halfway back down for 5 burpees.  Run back to the bottom to rinse and repeat x 10 rounds.  Most PAX made it through 5 before YHC called for time.

Mosey back to the flag with just enough time for 20 T-bombs IC.


Prayers for Sculley’s family and father-in-law, who is spending his last days in hospice care.  Praise for Snowman’s first sales call since March.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Ever since GrowRuck 15, I’ve been drawn to the notion that toughness is much more mental than physical and that one of the best ways to build toughness is to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”.  I’m trying to find ways to push myself in this area more and have found a surprising amount of personal growth and fulfillment from intentionally doing hard things for extended periods of time.  This is really one of the core themes of F3 and there are lots of opportunities and other PAX who are accelerating in this area.  Find someone and something to push yourself in whether it’s running, rucking, diet, relationships, public speaking, etc….anything.  Significant growth only happens outside our comfort zone and you need to intentionally force yourself to go there.  Aye!

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