Where’s Green Bean?

AO: The Shadow

When: 10/05/2020


PAX (11): CIA, Curveball, Fireballs, Green Bean, Leon, Novocaine, Radar, Sasquatch, Stripper, Team Mom, The Original


10 PAX arrived ready to begin their workout in between the baseball fields next to Peachtree Middle School (PMS – yes, that was funny when I was a middle schooler there).  1 PAX drove into the PMS parking lot and left when he saw the adjacent women’s workout.  Green Bean eventually did find us, towards the end of the warmup.


1 lap around the baseball field warning track

Side Straddle Hop 15x i.c.

Mountain Climber 15x i.c.

Low Slow Squat 15x i.c.

Floyd Mayweather 15x i.c. (I can never remember the name of this exercise)

Windmill 15x i.c.

Rinse and Repeat

The Thang:

Cherokee run along the path to the small circular field at the corner of Tilly Mill and Peeler

Bear crawl across the wet, cold grass

Mosey down to the playground.  Watch your step – there are no lights on the playground and lots of small rock walls.  Circle up on the rubber surface for Mary:

Dying Beetle 15x i.c.

Big Boi Situps 15x o.y.o.

Dying Cockroach 15x i.c.

Heels to Heaven 15x i.c.

Freddy Mercury 15x i.c.

Plank 30 sec.

5 merkins

Plank 30 sec.

5 werkins

Plank 30 sec.

5 diamond merkins

Mosey to the three big kid structures for a pull-up pyramid:

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Pull-ups, Squats and Body Builders

Cherokee Run to the new amphitheater for 2 sets of box jumps up the terraces.  They aren’t nearly as steep as the terraces at Pernoshal.

Fast mosey back to the COT (in between the baseball fields next to PMS) with perfect timing.


Fireballs reclaimed his War Daddy title – and what a War Daddy he was – running to and from the workout.  Novocaine prayed.

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