Monday-Run Day

AO: Bad Apple

When: 10/05/2020

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (11): Snax, Brutus, Woody, Turbine, Heide, Rusty, Chalupa, Alamo, Pass Interference, Corn Hole


Yes, YHC borrowed heavily from a recent Dosido beatdown.  “The good artist borrows, the great artist steals.” according to a former Dutch colleague of YHC. I took that advice, gave disclaimer and got the party started.


Mtn Climbers, arm circles (overhead, side-forward, side-reverse), windmill all IC with exception of arm circles which were OYO.  Lead PAX on short mosey to basketball court for the thang..

The Thang:

YHC carefully meted out an out-n-back run from said basketball court to the opposite side of the soccer field closest to it and back to the court.  The distance is 0.15 miles for those of you (Woody) keeping score at home.  Set up my trusty whiteboard and this is what it had on it:

Run .15 mile b/t *each* exercise (this distance is modest compared to what Dosido had his PAX run.  Be glad, y’all),
25 reps ea. Diamond Merks, burpees, side lunge ( dbl cnt) , Freddie Mercs
50 reps ea. Shoulder taps (dbl cnt), step ups, flutter kicks
75 reps ea. Squats, renegade rows (dbl cnt)
100 push ups

provided the PAX made it through all 4 rounds, they should’ve covered about 2.5 miles worth of ground in the process.  No doubt, some PAX got more distance covered, others less.

With a couple of minutes remaining, the PAX made a last run, picked up the lights and headed back to the flag just in time to reach 0615 hh.


Convergence at Rubicon coming up on the 17th of this month.  Make plans to join your F3Alpha brothers.  Coffee and doughnuts afterwards.

prayers for physical needs as well as leadership at all levels of our nation, state and local levels and that we would serve whenever we could.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Grateful for a good group of men that keeps me accountable.  Blessings on each one of you and your families.  Sprocket out.

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