AO 2 Year Anniversary

AO: The Grindstone

When: 10/05/2020

QIC: @F3Inseam

PAX (11): False Start, Cookie, Milli Vanilli, Hushpuppy, Stroller, Snake, Whiz, Swiper, Thin Mint, Snowman, Inseam


Timeline goes like this: YHC had a fun Q planned, Whiz shares that this is Grindstone’s 2 year anniversary, YHC amends the plan to make it a little more fun.


Implied disclaimer and we are off [whoops, YHC was too excited…the PAX would soon understand]…Medium mosey around the corner, up the long A parking lot, back down the long A parking lot, and circle up under the light pole for the following [all IC]: SSH, Sungods fwd, Sungods bwd, Cotton Mill, Sprinkler.

Long mosey through the LBPL [little baby parking lot], across the BBPL [big boy parking lot], and onto the path around the upper fields.

The Thang:

Post-Warmup-Pre-Mainevent Warmup

Sufficiently, albeit temporarily, winded we circled up at the top of the weird shaped parking lot for……drum roll please……THE BURPEE APOCALYPSE! A true Grindstone Oh-ridge-i-nal. 11 burpees, 5 second break, 10 burpees, 5 second break, 9 burpees….you get the picture. 66 burpees later [thankfully Stroller showed up…YHC is worthless without his 10 key] and NOW sufficiently winded, YHC and the PAX moseyed over to the concession stand area for the main event.

Main Event

There are four concrete walking paths, or “arms”, shooting off the concession stand in the center of the 4 baseball field. Instructions were given as follows: Each arm is a round. Broad jump to the end of each arm. Mosey back. Perform the designated exercise at the end of each arm before moseying back. Abs for the six before starting next round.

Exercises and reps were as follows:

  • Arm 1: Makhtar N’Diayes 25 alpha count [so 50]…PAX hated it
  • Arm 2: Hand Release Release Merkins 25…PAX really hated it, so much mumble chatter
  • Arm 3: Jump Squats 25…PAX were void of emotion at this point

Boom, done with main event. Really doesn’t seem too bad on paper 🙂

With 5 minutes to spare we head back towards the flag; however, we stopped at the LBPL for a round of Abs. 25 IC LBC, 25 OYO Heels to Heaven, 25 IC American Hammers, 25 IC Dollys.

Finish up at the flag with 2 merkins for 2 years. 2 Burpees for 2 years. 1 burpee for next year.


Pray for PAX facing big life decisions this week, for safe travels, for continued spread of F3 in our area, and for continued health of the children and ability to learn and succeed during these weird times.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC was beat. This was awesome. Grindstone is a true warrior of an AO. Just as iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Keep sharpening iron. Keep accelerating!!

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