Windjammer F3 Launch

AO: Windjammer

When: 09/30/2020

QIC: Cookie @blunsford4

PAX (17): Whiz, False Start, Pinky, Lumbergh, MillerTime, Brutus, Walkie Talkie, Hanson, Pitstop, Spit Valve, Stroller, Pass Interference, FNG Hokie, FNG Blubber, FNG Townie, FNG Barb


Backstory on the new AO:  the Windjammer was actually born on 3.30.20 during the Covid lockdown of Alpharetta parks.  What started as a neighborhood workout has turned into something much bigger.  It has allowed me to further my passion of giving the gift of F3 away to more men who need something like this in their lives…. even if they do not know it yet.

History Lesson:  F3 is the ultimate solution to Sadclown syndrome by focusing on the 3 biggest common voids in a man’s life – Fitness, Fellowship & Faith.  After just a few months of F3 workouts, a man will find himself in the best shape of his life.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The man then forms a strong bond with those that he is working out with.  This fellowship derived from these deep male friendships is essential when the world shakes around him.  And inevitably it always does.  The third F stands for Faith, which has nothing to do with religion.  Rather it is a belief in something outside of oneself.  The outward-turning-man is what makes F3 dynamic.

It’s simple, at any given point you are either accelerating or decelerating.  Which are you doing?  If you are accelerating, remember F3 is about the invigoration of male community leadership, so I challenge you to reach out to someone who may be struggling and invite them to F3.  Encourage them without judgment.  If you find yourself decelerating, you are not alone.  All of us have struggled with something these past 6 months.  We are all in this together.


After a quick disclaimer, we moseyed to the Dam overlooking the lake for:

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • Imperial Walker
  • Weed Picker
    *thanks to False Start for remembering the reason we call cadence when I called upon him

And off we went…

The Thang:

Circle up in the boat launch parking lot.

  • 21’s:  Q counts side straddle hop in cadence to 5… the PAX then have to count silently to 21, halting precisely at the same time.  Burpee penalty for everyone for any infractions
    • Burpee penalty was paid
  • Circle Burp (yay, more burpees!) :  1 PAX calls down, everyone does 1 burpee
    • 17 PAX = 17 burpees

Next up was the Merkin Mile up the hill to Clubhouse Ln.  10 merkins at all cross streets on way up, 10 squats on all cross streets on way down.

Off to the Sports Park for:

  • Balls to the wall
  • DB drills
  • Backwards run up the WinDAMmer hill (2 times)

Back to the Dam for 3 minutes of Mary:  American Hammer, LBC, plank.  Mosey to the flag along the trail route, back with no time to spare.



We covered the 5 core principles of F3 during COT, see below.  Announcement was made about the 10/17 F3 Alpha Convergence at the Rubicon. Solid numbers today, 17 total PAX, 4 FNG’s and 4 for the pre-run.

Free of charge

Never a charge to workout, ever.

Open to all Men

No matter the man, you are welcome here.

Held Outdoors

Rain or Shine, Heat or Chill, we are out there.

Peer Led

Rotating fashion of men leading each other.

Ends with COT

Always ends with a Circle of Trust

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Welcome 4 “new” guys, 3 of which have been regulars at the unofficial AO, but nonetheless now have F3 names.  FNG Blubber is from Wales, and somehow the conversation turned to whales… and you know what happened next.  FNG Townie grew up in Windward hence the local name.  FNG Barb shared his most embarrassing moment which included getting a “barb tattoo” as a teen.  FNG Hokie was our one true new guy.  His name originated from him strangely wearing a Virginia Tech t-shirt despite his allegiance to Alabama.

Cheers from the Windjammer – “the latest starting AO in the region”.

Always an honor to lead.


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