Down, Set, Ready-Mix Beatdown

AO: The Hooch

When: 09/30/2020

QIC: Ready-Mix

PAX (14): Dawn, Splinter, Hasselhoff, Sneakers, Koncak, Birdie, Puff-Daddy, McGuire , Meatball, Popper, Simba, Boomer, Animal, Ready-Mix


I had fun with a pre-Superbowl BD back in January 2019, so I brought it back since we’re all fired up for Football being back in the mix.


Short little mosey over to the new Bakery, and the QB called for a 12-rep set of SSH, followed by a 10-rep set of Weedpickers. After failing to get a first down, we played a round of “circle of burpees”, where we threw a football across the circle working our way around, and the ball hit the ground THREE TIMES, resulting in 15 burpees for the home team. Feels like we need to punt on 4th down.

The Thang:

Did a Football Indian Run over to the Perimeter pond behind the Chapel – setup Partner rep sets of exercises with the SUPER (for Bowl) acrostic:

S = Sphinx Merkins (100x)
U = Up/Downs (100x)
P = Pistol Squats (100x)
E = Elbow to Knee (100x)
R = Ranger Merkins (100x)

One partner ran the small pond lap, while the other worked the reps.

Then, finished up by running back Football Indian Style to the Bakery, where we participated in a post-halftime Perfect 15 SSH, which our squad executed with incredible precision and accuracy (we’ve always been a 4th quarter team). Then wrapped up with a full out sprint back to the flag. Oh, and followed with some quick Mary including Box Cutters, Diamond Merkins and Flutter Kicks.


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