2020 IPC Wrap Up

AO: Bad Apple

When: 09/30/2020

QIC: Heidi

PAX (11): Ollie, Brutus, Rusty, Snax, Woody, Goat, Sprocket, Cornhole, Chalupa, Alamo, and Heidi


We couldn’t have a Wednesday in September without some IPC exercises.  Thankfully Lumbergh had already put together a Week 5 of the IPC and allowed me to share it with Bad Apple (rinse and repeat).


After  a quick disclaimer, PAX carried their cinders to the course.  We mosey’d the lap that we would be running in The Thang then finished up with some SSH, IWs, and Weed Pickers.

The Thang:

Below is the list of exercises we crushed, except the Q messed up on the Merkins.  We did 20 Alternating Block Merkins for the first set, then after the 30 Weighed Squats knocked out 20 regular Merkins.  3 Burpees were thrown in every 5 minutes.

Each round was 250 reps, plus we did 40 burpees.  We wrapped up in the second round around the Alpos and Alternating Block Merkins.  Rusty looks like a lock for first place with 1,062 reps.


A couple announcements

  • Ceviche on Thursday at 7:15 to honor SmackDown
  • F3 Alpha Fall Convergence October 17 (celebrating 5 years)

Forgot to throw this out there, but continue to keep Goat in our prayers as he keeps an eye on his ticker.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work this morning, it was a pleasure to lead.

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