Run ‘n Gun

AO: Bad Apple

When: 09/28/2020

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (9): Rusty, Snax, Ollie, Woody, Heidi, GOAT, Cornhole, Brutus


Whether it was the Iron PAX challenge or just something about September, there was NO shortage of WO’s that involved cinder blocks recently.  So, when YHC had the keys to Bad Apple on a Monday morning, there wasn’t anything more YHC wanted than a good, ol’ fashioned BW (body weight) beatdown…with a little running besides.


Circle the PAX, give the disclaimer, and warm up with Windmills, Mtn Climbers, and SSH’s.  Doing YHC’s best to build in a lowish-mosey option, YHC lead the PAX around the main school building and made sure they knew of a shorter way to the soccer fields and their parking lot which was to be utilized.

The Thang:

Run ‘n Gun Pyramid WO
Run .25 miles to soccer fields parking lot
Perform 20 reps ea. of Merkss, squats and LBCs
Run .50 miles to flag
Increase to 25 reps ea. of Werkins, Lt. Dan’yuns and dyin’ roaches
Run .50 miles to soccer fields parking lot
Increase to 30 reps ea. of Stone Mtn ups, reverse lunges (dbl count) and reverse LBCs
*work back down pyramid w/.50 mile run, 25 reps…, .25 mile run, 20 reps…

finish at flag with 3 minutes remaining for some Mary round robin style.  Props to Snax for stepping up and helping to close out the final round.  Awesome!


Thoughts and prayers for our families and loved ones with physical, emotional, vocational and financial needs.

Prayers for GOAT as he visits his cardiologist to help find out what’s happening with his ticker.

Announced to all PAX that our Wreck brother, Smackdown, will have a farewell party this Thursday 02 October 2020 at Ceviche at 1900 hours.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A sincere “thank you” for all the encouragement this group has offered to YHC and others that have had their families, jobs and other areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Also, for helping YHC stay on schedule and for laughs and encouragement and for helping me keep foremost in my mind that, “my life shouldn’t be comfortable, it should be comforting.” Sprocket out.

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