Pull-ups & Jump-ups

15 brave souls posted at the 6AM slot (including Guard Dawg from the 5:30 slot!). The rain held off and the temperature was perfect at 55 degrees.

The PAX: GreenBean, Sasquatch, Fireballs, Leon, Big Apple, Gopher, SnakeOil, Oompa Loompa, Guard Dawg/Team Mom/Century, Suds, Major, Rambo, Billboard, Sunshine, (Brass Monkey?- Cobains)

The Thang:

Focus on form!

SSH IC x 15, Low-Slow-Squats IC x 15, Mountain Climbers IC x 15, Merkins IC x 5, IW’s IC x 15, Windmills IC x 15

Follow me to out to Womack, turn left down to Shadow Glen neighborhood. Plank it up for the six, various holds. Continue down Shadow Glen to cut through behind Vanderlyn Elementary. Circle up on the soft turf by the playground for Mary:

Mason Twist IC x 15, Freddie Mercury’s IC x 15, Big Boy Sit Ups OYO x 15, Low Leg Raises IC x 15

Next- Circuit of 10-8-6-4-2 reps: run to stone wall for jump-ups, up steps, out to Vanderlyn Dr. around to monkey bars for pull-ups. Continue for 5 sets. 1/2 of PAX went the opposite direction. Solid work by Oompa Loompa and Billboard.

Plank it up for the six, along with various Mary.

Next- follow me to bottom of Vanderlyn Dr. hill. Line up for Lunge Walks up to light. Nice work by Sasquatch- maybe it’s his large feet? Plank it up for the six, then: Merkins IC x 20.

Follow me around front of DHS back to start for a Dancing Bear: run in place until Q calls out go for burpees- sets of 10, 8 and 6. Done.

Honored to Q again this AM.

Leon took us out. We prayed for Anne Bounds (Gilligan’s sister who is in hospice) as well as for Rambo- he’s having nose surgery this AM to remove some cancerous cells.


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