Monday’s little bag of fresh Potpourri

AO: The Shadow

When: 09/28/2020

QIC: Leon

PAX (9): Leon, Team Mom, Suds, Fireballs, Curveball, Sasquatch, Original, FNG (Shingles), Novocaine (...obviously not in alphabetical order)


An absolutely perfect Monday am in the gloom at this fantastic new AO.   9 found it in their tight schedules to start this week off right after a huge weekend of CFB and another 4th Q Falcon’s collapse yesterday. Maybe it was to get rid of the funk from yesterday’s 3rd crushing defeat, who knows?

There are so many opportunities for some strong beat-downs with options galore at this new AO. Just need a stack of coupons to store literally “off the beaten-path” and we are set for a long time at this choice locale!

Side note: We DO need to land on a designated meeting/starting spot at this AO as I found my way into the bottom lot between the 2nd field and the track, only to find the rest of the PAX up top at the Middle School lot.  No worries either way!

Fireballs didn’t need no stinkin’ parking, he ran both ways 8.7 miles round trip from his crib to the AO.  A bold and seemingly senseless move, but who is to question him?


Start at the top lot and immediately start with a mosey (…as Suds was pulling in on 2 wheels) down to the east turf field for the following across the 1st base line to the end of the infield (Suds caught up, btw):

  • Toy Soldiers, High Knees, Karaoke(s) and Butt Kickers;
  • Circle up for IC x 15, SSHs, Windmills, Low Slow Squats, then down for Merkins (IC x 10), Floyd M’s, and Stone Mtns;
  • Rinse and repeat at IC x 10.


The Thang:

Thang 1:

Mosey from east field to Brook Run’s “well lit” Pavilion

  • 11’s- Step ups and Dips;
  • Derkin plank (feet up on bench), followed by 9-single count Derkins

Thang 2:

Mosey to P’Tree Middle School Track.  At the end of the track circle up for Mary.  While 2 (final group of 3) of the PAX take a lap around the track, those left behind dug out the following Mary exercises IC, until they returned

  • LBC’s
  • Low Flutters
  • Obliques
  • Box Cutters

Once everyone in the PAX completed their lap, we finished with ABC’s and ‘merican Hammers IC x 15

Thang 3:

Mosey back to East Field for Bear Crawls, Lunges, and Broad Jumps across the field until you reach the outfield fence, then race back to 1st base line at 75%

Thang 4:

Mosey to stairs back to P’Tree Middle School lot and finished with 3 rounds of arms up/stair runs, 1 set each of of regular ,”tiho” and “tohi” calf raises IC x 15.




Team Mom introduced F3 Shadow to Zach Baus, FNG (Shingles)  A good buddy from UGA who is in Sales for SE Roofing company. We already have 2 paper plate winners in the books for this week: 1 for Team Mom’s new FNG invitee and Shingles’ 1st beat-down.  Hopefully most will meet him as this week progresses; however, he he will leaving us for a bit to undergo surgery for his labrum (shoulder).  God Speed, Shingles!

Novocaine brought us out eloquently, also praying for those not present.  Stay safe and Healthy all!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Still quite perplexed by the double-whammy puppy purchase by the Suds clan-Australian Sheep Dogs no less.  Sounds like these 2 little varmints will be driving Suds to escalate his Hops and Barley intake for the foreseeable…

Sign-up sheet is filling up!  Come one, Come all!  This week is taken!!

Tuesday 5:30 Dubya/6:00 Bean

Thursday 5:30 Manhole/ 6:00 Curveball

Sat:  7am Seles

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