AO: Brimstone

When: 09/25/2020

QIC: Blue

PAX (8): @White Claw @Hitch @Circus @gmonkey @Deadbeat @boomstick @Deadbeat


05:30 sharp, welcome and disclaimer delivered, which sounded a bit like this:

This scene(s) was/were so good that when the memes followed I saved all I could find. - GIFs - Imgur


  • Side Straddle Hops x15, Hill Billy x15 Cotton Pickers x12,
  • Grab a Skully (aka Memento Moris)
  • High and low-Mosey options to the back main entrance of Church

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The Thang:

Each PAX grabbed a DSB and and a brick pillar.

  • Fun with DSB’s:
    • Squat & Throw against wall– 10 each side
    • Side Rotational Throw against wall– 10 each side
    • Overhead Throw against wall – 20 total
    • Kneeling Rotational Throw against wall – 10 each side–Take a knee, face sideways with knee to the wall

Grab Memento Mori and Mosey to Playground

  • Agility Ladders: six agility ladders were waiting for us at the playground.  PAX each grabbed a ladder (except Circus, who adapted with unscripted improvisation exercises):
Actual footage of @BEAT on the Agility Ladder
  • Round 1: Icky Shuffle
  • Round 2:  Bunny Hops
  • Round 3:  Hopscotch
  • Round 4:  Slaloms




Grab Memento Mori, High and low-Mosey options to the back main entrance of Church.

During mosey, one PAX was observed walking. A deep concern developed in the heart of YHC, that some of our more delicate PAX may have seen this aforementioned walker and begun to panic at such blatant blue-pill-ish effort.  Therefore, all PAX were promptly instructed to mosey back to YHC, form a circle, and set down their Memento Mori.  “Consequences and Repercussions” (aka, Burpees) commenced, ensuring calm and order would prevail for the rest of the BD.  Mosey was then resumed.

PAX procured a lifting coupon (approximate side of Bill Cosby’s head).

  • 3-2-1’s:
    • First Set:
    • 3 minutes Bonnie Blairs
    • 2 minutes of curls
    • 1 minute of LBC’s
    • Second Set:
    • 3 minutes Star Jumps
    • 2 minutes Head Crushers
    • 1 minute of flutter kicks

During 3-2-1’s, YHC waxed poetically about his trials and tribulations of losing weight. Clearly, it was an awful attempt for an inspirational lesson maintaining a strong will with your fitness goals.  However, @Blue’s talk devolved into a boring “word salad.”  Perhaps enduring @Blue’s droning tirade was simply part of the painful exercise? The world may never know for sure…

Return lifting coupon, grab Memento Mori, High and low-Mosey options to cars.

Captain America Avengers GIF - CaptainAmerica Avengers AgeOfUltron - Discover & Share GIFs

  • Sprints:  PAX lined up at the starting line (marked by Memento Mori) for multiple competitive sprints.  PAX were clearly warned that if Grease Monkey won the final sprint, there would be “Consequences and Repercussions.”  Grease Monkey indeed won the sprint, and, thusly, great quantities Burpees ensued.  Finished off with Weed Pickers (to protect against hamstring injury), and done.


COT: Gratitude for putting challenges in our way to help us grow as men.

To All: Despite some shaky directions on the part of YHC, the PAX’s enthusiasm and high energy made for an overall smooth BD.  It was truly an honor to Q each of you men today; and I thank you all.

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