AO: The Widowmaker

When: 09/26/2020

QIC: Speedo

PAX (14): Birdie, Hanson, Dosido, Zohan, Cox, Pass Interference, TMI, NRA, Ha-Ha, Nacho Libre, Boomer, Animal, Mr. Potato Head (FNG), Speedo


With the Yes Man Mile going strong since 5 am YHC decided some mosey would be on the menu along with an assortment of other fun stuff.  After a solid disclaimer we were off at exactly 0700 according to Garmin.


Mosey to the top parking lot for:

  • SSH x15
  • Weed Pickers x12
  • Hill Billies x12
  • Copper Head Squat x10

Mosey to tennis court parking lot for some more fun

The Thang:

Counted off 1-2-1-2

1’s started with 12 merkins in the first parking spot near courts while 2’s did 12 step-ups on the now unusable benches next to tennis court.  1’s then ran up parking lot to second street light and back to do step-ups while 2’s went straight to merkins.  Goal was to rinse and repeat x12 but that turned out to be a bit optimistic and YHC called it with the gazelles having finished ~7-8 rounds.

Mosey to lower soccer lot lot and find a curl-able coupon then partner up for three rounds of fun:

  1. P1 does curls while P2 does monkey humpers. First one to stop causes switch. Goal is to get to 150 of each and partners may need to switch to all of one exercise or the other to get them done. Run a lap when done then plank for the six
  2. P1 does skull crushers x150 while P2 does squats (with coupon) x150 – run a lap when done then air chair for the six
  3. P1 does squat thrusters with coupon x75 while P2 does star jumps x75

After returning the coupons and a slow and mostly-correct 10 count walk we moseyed to the bottom of the Widowmaker.  A quick circle merk (5 per PAX) and YHC explained and demonstrated the last bit of fun.  Heading up the WM, start with a broad jump followed by a burpee with one merkin then 2 walking lunges, another broad jump, burpee with two merkins, 4 walking lunges, broad jump, burpee with three merkins, 6 walking lunges, etc.  The studs made it up to the coupon pile before coming back down to bring the six home to the manhole cover.

Mosey up the rest of the WM and back to the flag for 3 minutes of mary.


Welcome FNG Mr. Potato Head, friend of Hanson’s from Minnesota.  Praise lifted up for Catfish’s M having their first baby.  F3 Alpha 5.5 year Convergence to be held on Saturday, Oct 17 at 0630 at Rubicon (Wills Park in Alpharetta).  Check Slack for more details.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks for allowing me to lead and for working hard this morning.  Saturdays are always better after a strong start at the WM.

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