The return of Flop for a 1-Year Anniversary Q

AO: The Rubicon

When: 09/24/2020

QIC: False Start

PAX (20): Hanson, Zohan, Lil Hurt, Pinkey, Trebek, Fanny Pack, Devito, Lumbergh, Lefty, Special K, Cookie, Milli Vanilli, The Hoff, Miller Time, Dosido, Pass Interference, Lumbergh, Turbine, Isner


20 Men, wow.  No rain, let’s get right to it!


Mosey over to the flag for some:

  • SSH x15
  • Hillbilly x10
  • Weed picker x10

Mosey to the track for a FLOP (more on that in a second) mile.

The Thang:

I was originally named Flop at my BD.  I won’t go into why I got that name (need some 2nd F beers for that story), but I still stand that it was an unfounded accusation, no matter how the tapes look. I got renamed to False Start at my next post.  That’s too long of a name to spell in exercises, so we’ll pay homage to Flop one last time (the guys didn’t let me forget that in slack the night before).

The Thang #1

Complete each exercise below with a run around the track in between for a F.L.O.P mile.

Flutters x25 (alpha count)
Lunges x50 (single count)
Overhead Claps x75
Plank Jacks x100

Once done we moseyed over to the rock pile for a ‘lifting coupon.’  Some were more ambitious than others (which is good), but hurt when I decided to Cusack the coupons for 200 yards (see below).

The Thang #2

I just had to bring back part of my first BD of IPC2019 Week 4, so we did a small modification on ‘Sugar’s Pick Your Poison’ behind home plate on the FOD.  Just 1 round so we could keep it within time.  The fun below:

  1. 100 cumulative reps of Merkins or Squats (with the coupon for added fun)
  2. Cusack the coupon out to centerfield fence and back
  3. 100 cumulative reps of Curls or Coupon Swings
  4. Cusack the coupon out to centerfield fence and back
  5. 100 cumulative reps of Traveling Lunges or Thursters (those were fun after holding a coupon over your head)
  6. Cusack the coupon out to centerfield fence and back

Some high and low planks for the six. Return the coupons and head to the flag.

We had probably 10 seconds before time, and Devito was excited to use the extra time, so 5 Burpees to keep him happy.  It was worth it.


The Windjammer officially opens up next week in Windward.  Wednesdays & Fridays.  Please join!

30 days out from Thundermeat Amalgamation.  Be a Yes Man and sign up here:


Pinkey shared thoughts on perseverance.  Good luck with your certification test on Sunday!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I was blown away that we had 20 men today.  It’s incredibly humbling to think that you have all of them to lead, but so powerful to see the work and commitment that it really drives you.

It’s also hard to believe this is 1 year in the books for me with F3 (with a COVID break in the middle, of course).  It still feels like yesterday that Cookie was EH-ing me to join after a few glasses of wine.  He did warn me with a video that my first post would be IPC Week 4, but somehow I didn’t believe him.  I was wrong and paid the price.  Again, worth it.  Lots more work to do here, but joining F3 is still one the best things that ever happened to me.

Until next time!

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