Cotton Mouth

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/21/2020

QIC: Squeegee - Kind of

PAX (18): Aflac, Bieber, Squeak, Norm, Bear, Hitched, Backside, Raider, Foley, Breached, Yankee, Tubbs, Hoff, Smackdown, Rooney, Sellout, Caffeine


I was hungover and the Q.  Things were not good.


Almost puked on the run to the parking lot.  I mumbled Bear’s name for help.  He said some stuff and did some exercises.

The Thang:

We partnered and ran and did exercises and lunged and lifted stuff and ran some more hills and did pull ups.  Didn’t puke.


Ceivche tomorrow night with the family for anyone that wants to go.  Think time is around 6:30.  I’m buying shots for everyone probably and signing up to Q on Wednesday if we are lucky.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Couldn’t do this stuff without this group of men.  Appreciate you all.

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