Zima’s School of Rock

AO: Bad Apple

When: 09/18/2020

QIC: Zima

PAX (8): Rusty, Brutus, Snax, Sprocket, Woody, Swamp Donkey, Goat, Zima


As the third week of IPC came to a close and with this week’s “rock n roll” theme I thought why not finish out the week with some more rock. Usually I’ve done this with actual “rocks” but thanks to Rusty we used weighted plates instead. As we were about to start I let Rusty know I had a special song for him…


Warm up was real brief. After the F3 standard disclaimer and as we were about to start to mosey, coming in hot was Swamp Donkey and Goat. So we waited a min and then began a slow mosey over to the pavilion across the street. I wanted to be sure we got through all songs and exercises. The first song that played as we made our way to the pavilion was a tribute to everyone’s favorite martial arts movie of the 80’s… “You’re the Best” – “The Karate Kid” Soundtrack

The Thang:

Once at the pavilion it was time for Zima’s School of Rock. It goes like this: A list of rock songs were associated with an exercise. Pax pick a partner. Partner 1 does exercise listed next to song while partner 2 ran and or bear crawled. When Partner 2 came back, Partner 2 starts doing the exercise while partner 1 runs/bear crawled.  Rinse and repeat exercise listed by each song until song is over. When new song started, that’s when the new exercise started. The playlist and exercises were as follows:

Song 1: My Hero – V-Ups

Song 2: Machinehead – Skull Crushers

Song 3: Evenflow – American Hammer

Song 4: Pride (In the name of love) – Single leg deadlift

Song 5: No sleep till Brooklyn – Bent over row

Song 6: Bad Medicine – Curls

Song 7: Plush – Overhead press

Song 8: No excuses – Squat Thrust

As we way our way back to the flag, special consideration was given to Rusty who LOVES Candlebox, so why not end with “Far Behind”..


Continued prayers for our country, those struggling with COVID/health issues and those with employment concerns. For those with school aged children, we pray that kids can go back to school and teachers can teach and all feel safe.

Possible running option from Badapple on Thursday. Intentional pace groups. Stay tuned for details

Possible change in location/days for Atlas. Stay tuned for details

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