Clear the (Parking) Decks

AO: The Bridge

When: 09/18/2020

QIC: Ready-Mix

PAX (12): Zohan, Weird Science, Puff-Daddy, Dinghy, Birdie, Catfish, McGuire, Ready-Mix (Q) and FNG (Bob Ross). Also, three other PAX ran the IPC challenge separately - Ball Boy, Stroller and Animal.


Carried our coupons Zamperini-style down to the Parking Deck lower level, and did 12x SSH, 12x Imperial Walkers, 8x Windmills. Now on to the fun stuff…

The Thang:

Circled up with our Coupons, and ran through a series of AMRAP exercises – Curls, Bent-Over Rows, Chest-Presses, SSH, Kettle Bells, Skull-Crushers, Goblet Squats, & Cross-Over Merkins on the Coupons. Everyone did AMRAP on each exercise, while one of the Pax ran around and up the Deck to level 1, down the stairs and back to the group. Repeat until we went all the way around the circle. Then again, but paired up the runs to reduce the rep count. Of note, our FNG showed up with 40LB Dumb-bell, and dropped back to 30LB not to show up all us old-timers. Thanks Bob Ross, we can count on an artist to help us save face.

Next, we mosey’d over to the bottom of the ramp at Level 1, and ran up the deck to level 3, with 10x Merkins at each turn, rotating runs and Bernie Sanders between Merkin reps. Ran back down the stairs and did another full cycle, with 5x Burpies at turns.

Finished with 3 or 4 minutes of Mary. Prayers included lifting up Dinghy who has surgery today, Feathers’ father who is recovering from a heart procedure, Zohan noted today is Rosh Hashanah, and we prayed for all of men to be the “head” of the world the Lord has gifted us. Happy Weekend all!

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