Suicide EMOM

AO: Caney Creek

When: 09/16/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (10): Nacho Libre, Knievel, Carabiner, Lefty, Bag Boy, FNG (Goosebumps), Yankee, Pothole, Blue Eyes, Zohan.


Mosey in the parking lot and around the track. Weed pickers, Windmills and Arm Circles.

The Thang:

Suicide EMOM

Preparedness is a key. YHC used a TABATA app to time 12 rounds, increasing lengths.

Each round PAX did – Merkin, BBAU, Bonnie Blairs (alpha count), Squats and Burpees. 1 of each in the first round, 2 of each in the second round, etc. If a PAX finished the Burpees before a new round start then they do AMRAP of SSH until end of round. Though each progressive round is a bit longer than before, it doesn’t fully accommodate the increase in rep count and fatigue. PAX had to push through to complete the rounds. Not seeing the timer or knowing the number of rounds in advance added to the mental challenge.


With about 12 minutes to spare YHC called 5 rounds of 30 LBCs, 30 Flatter Kicks and 30 Freddie Mercury, then a run up the stairs, around the track and back down from the side trail. Though initially YHC called for alpha count, it was modified to single counts for the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The faster PAX got in another set of core but not a 4th run. Time caught up with us.


Prayers of healing and safety from the storm.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Caney Creek is looking for a re-brand.

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