“We Aren’t The Ladies Doing Abs”

AO: The Shadow

When: 09/14/2020

QIC: Team Mom (FKA Guard Dawg)

PAX (3): CIA, FNG (The Original), and Team Mom


The few and the proud arose for a breezy Monday beatdown. The rest of the crew were prepping themselves for Iron PAX (IPC) week three.
After we got the FNG to the baseball fields we got it going. He was determined to try and get some work in with the ladies doing abs and Pilates in the parking lot. We couldn’t completely blame him, but YHC informed him we would have more fun than them.


Windmill IC 10 
Imperial Walker IC 10
Mary Catherine IC 10

Plank Jacks IC 10


Windmill IC 7
Imperial Walker IC 7
Mountain Climbs IC 7
Plank Jack IC 7

Mosey Towards Turf Field
A Couple Stops Along Our Adventure:
  1. Calf Raises OYO 20
  2. Leg Swings OYO 4×10
  3. Rocky Balboa IC 10
Pit Stop At Manhole’s Birthday Party Pavilion
11’s – Step Ups & Dips
We took the longer run route to enter the turf fields from the rear entrance.

The Thang:

Karaoke 20 yards – finish 40 yards (50%)
Big Arm Circles Forward IC 7
High Knees 20 yards – finish 40 yards (55%)
Big Arm Circles Backwards IC 7
Butt Kickers 10 yards – finish 50 yards (60%)
Falling Starts – finish 60 Yards (70%) X3
2 Minute Plank With Some Variety
Laying On Stomach – Get Up Quick 60 yards (75%)
Laying On Back – Get Up Quick 60 yards (75%)
Backwards Walk 30 yards
Peter Parker IC 10
Parker Peter IC 10
  1. Rocky Balboa IC 10 x3
  2. Low Slow Squats IC 5 x2


YHC got plenty of help from CIA, he came up with a great nickname for our FNG, Brooks. “The Original” is 26, he works for the corporate side of Chick-fil-A.
CIA also took us out with a beautiful prayer.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Next Monday, we have the return of one of our fearless leaders, Seles. Everyone should make it a point to show up for the Post on 9/21 at Peachtree Middle to give him a warm and proper welcome back. Rumor has it he has lowered his overall body fat, taken 25 seconds of his mile average, and has learned more brutal ab circuits to torture us with.
Snacks Of The Day:
Cold Watermelon & Bananas

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