40 mins of Hell

AO: The Galaxy

When: 09/15/2020

QIC: Wideright

PAX (11): Steamer, Sparky, Wilson, Blue, Fondue Guy, Spring Break, So So Def, Shneaky and 2x FNG's


disclaimer and warm up mosey

circle up for IC warmup:

10x A Bagodas

11x Weed Pickers

12x Hillbillies

13x Moroccan night clubs

14x toy soldiers

15x warm up merkins

partner up, grab coupons (large and not large) head to upper parking lot

The Thang:

40 mins of Hell:

partner 1 runs suicides across parking lot, partner 2 starts reps of 4 rounds up/down ladder

100x squats

200x overhead press

300x curls

400x skull crushers

300x curls

200x overhead press

100x squats

air chair for six…. mosey to flag for time


Amanda and her husband, Micheal and his daughter Candace (seizures), Rita and Joanne

Papa Mike fell and hit head/eye

2 FNG’s- Welcome to Nitwit and Gameboy!

SYITG for a Steamer BD!

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