Round Robin

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/14/2020

QIC: Sellout, The Hoff and Switch

PAX (10): Juul, Meltdown, Switch, The Hoff, Sellout, Breach, Kiffin, Devito, Ozzy, Norm,


A little light for the turnout due to PAX licking wounds after Blue Ridge Relay. (mental and physical)


Sell-out led up to first parking lot for warm-o-rama. A few side straddle hops, Peter Parkers (spider mans), Toy Soldiers (creaky soldier for me), Arm twirls forward/backward large and small.

The Thang:

Sell-out led the mosey down the hill to low wall for 50 step ups, 25 each leg, 50 dips and 50 incline merkins.

The Hoff took the baton with energy and moseyed us to the football field. From the goal line we hit 10 LBCs the run to 25 yd line and back 20 LBCs, run to 50 yd line and back, 30 LBCs run to 75 yard line and back, 40 LBCs run 100 yds and back. Plank for the six.

Switch led us up to big parking lot to grab lifting coupons. Starting at end of lot hit 20 curls then run to end of lot and back. The 20 overhead press, run to end of lot and do 10 LBCs and run back.  Do 20 skullcrushers, run to end of lot and 10 donkey kicks, run back.  Do 20 bent over rows, run to end of lot and hit 20 Romanian toe touches. run back.  Lay on your back do 20 presses, run to end of lot, put feet on wall and do 30 shoulder taps. Run back. Return coupons.



Lots of space open on the Q sheet to sign up to lead a beat down. Sell-out gave a quick story about BRR and encouraged others to sign up for a challenge.

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