Community BD

AO: Halo

When: 09/07/2020

QIC: Wideright and Sparky

PAX (5): Steamer, Shneaky, Floater, Sparky



Warmup IC:

10x A Bagodas

15x Hillbillies

23x Moroccan night clubs

15x Weed Pickers

Warmup mosey (karaoke, side shuffle, backwards run, starightmosey)


The Thang:

4x corners: up and down

  1. 10x merkins
  2. 20x sumo squats
  3. 30x plan jacks
  4. 40x captain thors

sparky portion:

tug o wars then repeat in reverse

  1. merkins and SSH’s
  2. LBC’s and monkey humpers

1 Pax run up and back, all out exercise for rest till time



Prayers for Joanne (fondueguys MIL)

michael and Candace (Shneaky’s co worker)

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